Thursday, January 30, 2014

This week's tournament results: Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2014

Jan 29th: Wednesday Night Community Chess Club of Rochester (CCCR):

Badamo 1-0 Glasser
Patel 0-1 Lionti
Stubblebine 1-0 Trent
Spencer 1-0 Strazzabosco
Eckert 1-0 Dewey
Frearson 1-0 Chadwick
Birmingham 0-1 Saweikis

Some photographs from the Community Chess Club of Rochester Wednesday night games:
Gerald Birmingham (left) plays an intriguing chess game with Chuck Saweikis.
In the background, Edwin Rosenberg (left) plays a Monday Night League make-up game with Alex Iosevich.
Chess Club President Don Stubblebine (white pieces) contemplates
 his next move against his opponent Mike Trent.

Feb 1st: Saturday Morning Youth Tournament Final Standings: 
There will not be a kids tournament at the Chess Center. 
The kids tournament was held today at Seton Catholic School - Their 18th Winter Scholastic Tournament.  
Please call the Chess Center at 442-2430 to register and for more details.
1st Place grades 6-8: Pahz Cherelin
1st Place grades 3-5: Anirudh Ramesh
1st Place grades K-2: Aidan Kharroubi

Here are some photos from today's Saturday afternoon adult tournament: 
Adam DeSantis (left) played an exhibition game against new USCF member Keith Bernard.
Samuel Liu (left) gained some rabbit ears during his game against Ben Chernjavsky in round 2.

And, for something NEW !! 

The Rochester Chess Center's Introduction to Chess:

Chess Match #3

Published on Nov 18, 2013
Third episode of Chess Match where instructors Ken McBride and David Petty from the Rochester Chess Center go over general principles of Openings and the common openings Ruy Lopez and Guioco Piano. An advanced match begins in the second half between Webster Kehoe and Connor Wagner, followed by a TIP of the Match and a BENEFIT of the Day, and chess teams from Gates-Chili HS and Wilson Magnet HS; chess teams from Pittsford HS, Sutherland, and Webster HS are also represented at the end of this episode. Episode 3 of Chess Match, an instructional video series airing in New York and featuring instructor Ken McBride and guest instructors David Petty, Ryan Horst, James Hiltunen, Wendy Xia, Ron Lohrman and David Phelps. And featuring chess clubs and competitions from around Upstate New York. Whether you are a beginner or advanced player or have never played chess, or are a parent of a player or would-be player, you will find something for you here. Dispelling all the myths about chess being too complicated or intimidating or uninteresting. We show blitz game and bughouse game variations. We list all the great benefits of gaming in chess. With instruction coming directly from the matches, we have a Tip of the Match for every game and a BENEFIT of the Day for every episode. Watch to see how, what, and why. New episodes every month with new players. See if your team, your club or your school, friends or acquaintances are on this episode.
FIDE World Chess: Magnus Carlsen defeated Hikaru Nakamura in Zurich... full story at

REMINDER: The 36th Annual Marchand Open is quickly approaching. Sign up soon!

36th Annual Marchand Open - March 8-9, 2014


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