Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This week's tournament results: February 3-9, 2014

Feb 8th: Saturday Morning Youth Tournament Final Standings:  
1st Place tie: Toby Thompson (Trophy winner) and Nathan Girnius with 4 points each.
2nd Place: Joshua Iosevich with 2.5 points.
3rd Place: Dale Janezic with 1.5 points.
4th Place tie: Harry Larson and house player Evan Peterson
Toby Thompson (front, with trophy) tied for 1st place with Nathan Girnius today at the Rochester Chess Center Kids tournament. From left to right: Dale Janezic, Evan Peterson and Harry Larson.

There was also a scholastic tournament in Geneva this Saturday. Here are the details:
8th Geneva  Scholastic @ North Street School, 400 W. North St, Geneva, 14456 9am, individual and team K-2, 3-5, 6-8 $10 entry. Call 585-442-2430.
Feb 8th: Saturday Afternoon Adult Tournament

Round 2: Doug Spencer (left) drew Jacob Chen in a rook-knight-king vs rook-king ending in serious time pressure.

Wed. Feb. 5th: The Rochester Chess Center is open tonight for the Community Chess Club of Rochester's chess games.
Please drive carefully and give yourself plenty of extra time if you plan on attending the games tonight.

Feb. 5th: Wednesday Night Community Chess Club of Rochester (CCCR):
We had a great turn-out tonight considering how much snow has fallen today. We had 11 players!
Here are the results:
Abe Glasser 1/2-1/2 Connor Wagner
Abe Glasser 1-0 Mike Lionti
Patrick Phillips 1-0 Matt Eckert
Alex Iosevich 1-0 Sam Cherin
Ken McBride 1/2-1/2 Webster Kehoe
Peter Carter 1-0 Theo Chapman

The Rochester Chess Center just restocked their old used books. There are some great titles. Check them out at the chess center, because they are selling fast.
Mon Feb 3rd: Rochester Chess Center's Monday Night Winter Chess League - Round 5:
Phelps 1/2-1/2 Lohrman
Shriver 0-1 Ahmed
Frearson 0-1 McMahon
Carter 1/2-1/2 Lionti
Chalifour 1-0 Dery
Kolaczyk 0-1 Fuhrman

Badamo 1-0 Cunningham
Sunkara 1-0 Cherjavsky, Patrick
Chernjavsky, Ben 1-0 Parry
Coltrain 1-0 Devarakonda

Luce 0-1 Petty
Stubblebine 0-1 Gianniny, Blake
Rubenstein 1/2-1/2 Iosevich
Marshall 1-0 Gianniny, Bruce
Gianniny, Max 1-0 Connelly
Hofer 1-0 Dewey

 ** Update at 2:45pm Feb. 5th: Phil Smith at the USCF informed me that the USCF web server experienced a catastrophic failure, and the system had to be restored from backups. There still may be some permissions issues which are being investigated. The TD/Affiliate area is now working, and all pending USCF memberships have been processed. The Wed. CCCR and Sat. Chess Center results have also been processed. The FIDE results and SLWC weekend tournaments will be rated shortly.

** Update at 1:15pm Feb. 4th: The main web site (uschess.org) is working, but the chess club affiliate area is still down... still cannot process any tournaments/memberships.

** NOTICE: The uschess.org web site has been down for most of Sunday and is still down as of 9am Tuesday, Feb. 4th 2014. As a result of this, the GAME RESULTS and USCF memberships have not yet been submitted for CCCR and for the Chess Center. We hope to submit the games ASAP when the USCF web site is working again. **

Here is an interesting game provided by Jamshed Ahmed from the Monday Night League at the Rochester Chess Center:

White: Owen Shriver
Black: Jamshed Ahmed
Date: 2/4/2014

Result: 0-1
Annotated by: Jamshed Ahmed
Location: Rochester Chess Center, NY USA

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