Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tournaments and Activities: May 1-31, 2014

Events at the Rochester Chess Center:
June 2nd: Spring Chess League at the Rochester Chess Center Round #9
June 4th: Wednesday Community Chess Club of Rochester at 7:30pm
June 7th:: Youth tournament 10am-1pm and Adult tournament 2pm (register by 1:45)

July 9th: Rochester Chess Center's Annual Picnic at Mendon Ponds Park, East Lodge

July 16th: Chess Simultaneous with Abe Glasser presented by the Community Chess Club of Rochester. Pizza and prizes. $3 members, $5 non-members. Limited to the first 26 players! Preregister at the Chess Center.

Summer Farley Memorial Chess League Dates:
Mondays June 23 - Sept. 8; Register by 6:30pm on June 23rd.
Call the Chess Center at 585-442-2430 for details.

Summer Chess Camp Dates:
Week 1 July 7-11
Week 2 July 14-18
Week 3 July 21-25
Week 4 July 28 - Aug 1
Week 5 Aug 4-8
Week 6 Aug 11-15
Week 7 Aug 18-22
Week 8 Aug 25-29

Call the Chess Center at 585-442-2430 for details.


Spring Tournament at the Chili Library, May 31st

 Special Event: K-12 Youth Chess Tournament, May 31st

Saturday, May 31 2014 at the Chili Library
For chess players age 6-18
Pizza for all and medals to the winners
Register between 9:30 AM and 9:55 AM
Tournament starts at 10 AM; Pizza around noon; finish before 2 PM
Please bring a chess clock (or phone app.) if you have one
If you have questions, comments, or suggestions contact Fred Mellender ( or Adam DeSantis(

Chili Library K-12 Youth Chess Tournament Final Standings:
Fred Mellender and Adam DeSantis did a wonderful job organizing another exciting chess event at the Chili Library. The top score was Calvin Moulton with 9.5 points. Game results and photos are included below:

Chili Library K-12 Youth Chess Tournament Photos:
Adam DeSantis and the Future Chess Masters!
This photo courtesy of Fred's Chili Library web site. 

Rochester Chess Center Tournament Results for May 31st:
May 31st: Saturday Morning Youth Tournament Final Standings: 
1st Place: Thomas Kwon (trophy winner)  with 3 points.
2nd Place: Keefer Zhou, Vlad Bondar and Rick Zhou with 2 points each.
3rd Place: Michael John Grover.

Thanks to Ken McBride for providing all the chess results for May 31st!

Ken McBride (rear far left) invaded the 7th rank and went on to win against Alex Iosevich.
David Campbell (middle right) played a sharp game and won against Isthier Chaudhury with an advancing pawn covered by two bishops. David Worl (front right) won his game with Latief Harris after a long battle. 5-28-2014.
Gerry Birmingham played very well, but lost his game with Mike Runnells. 5-28-2014.

David Worl 1-0 Latief Harris
Kenn Scullin 1-0 Mike Lionti
Doug Spencer 1-0 Rolando Scrubb
Abe Glasser 1-0 Chris Brown
Ken McBride 1-0 Alex Iosevich
David Campbell 1-0 Isthier Chaudhury
Jack Oleksyn 0-1 Sherman Cunningham
Mike Connelly 1/2-1/2 Arjun Patel
Jim Attaya 1/2-1/2 Don Stubblebine
Chuck Saweikis 1-0 Howard Decker
Gerry Birmingham 0-1 Mike Runnells
Chris Brown 1/2-1/2- Abe Glasser
Sherman Cunningham 1/2-1/2 Jack Oleksyn

May 24th: Saturday Morning Youth Tournament Final Standings: 
1st Place: Dale Janezic with 4 points.
2nd Place: Jason Niu and Thomas Kwon with 3 points each.
3rd Place: Keefer Zhou with 2 points.
4th Place: Andrew Kinard and Michael Zhou with 1 point each.
5th Place: Rick Zhou.

Thanks to Ken McBride for providing all the chess results for May 24th!

Rolando Scrubb (left) won his game with Ken McBride at the Wednesday night Community Chess Club weekly tournament. Both players were in time pressure at the end. 5-21-2014.
Chris Brown 1-0 Doug Spencer
David Jouppi 1-0 Mike Runnells
Latief Harris 1-0 Gerald Birmingham
Daniel Chadwick 0-1 Jack Oleksyn
Rolando Scrubb 1-0 Ken McBride
Isthier Chaudhury 0-1 Abe Glasser
Arjun Patel 0-1 Jim Attaya
John Strazzabosco 0-1 Jamshed Ahmed
Mike Lionti 0-1 Don Stubblebine
Howard Decker 0-1 Chuck Saweikis
Gerald Birmingham 1-0 Latief Harris
Mike Runnells 1-0 David Jouppi

A Chess Simultaneous by Community Chess Club champion Abraham Glasser is coming soon to the Rochester Chess Center.  This special event will be held on July 16th 2014 starting at 7:30pm!
Coming Soon! The Community Chess Club of Rochester is starting a new tradition. Every year, the chess club will entertain a Chess Simultaneous with the previous year's CCCR champion playing (this year, Abe Glasser) against all opponents simultaneously. The event will be unrated and open to all chess players of all playing strengths. The entry fee will be $3 for CCCR members and $5 for non-members. Prizes will be given for any chess player who attains a win or draw in the event. Free pizza, snacks and beverages will be provided. 

Keith Kolaczyk (at right with trophy) won the Youth chess tournament today scoring 4 points. The tournament is held every Saturday from 10am-2pm at the Rochester Chess Center. 5-17-2014.

1st Place: Keith Kolaczyk (trophy winner) with 4 points.
2nd Place: Michael Niu with 3 points.
3rd Place: Jason Niu with 2.5 points.
4th Place: Benjamin Solow, Natalie Prezhdo and Kameron Torrey with 2 points each.
5th Place: Thomas Kwon with 1.5 points.
6th Place: Elijah Giesy and Daniel Saedi with 1 point each.
7th Place: Kyle Torrey.

Jacob Chen (left) lost his game in a titanic battle with Owen Shriver in the 3rd round of the Saturday adult tournament. Owen finished in 1st place with 3 points. Congratulations to Owen Shriver! 5-17-2014.

Abe Glasser (left, 2014 Monroe County HS champion) played two very strong players simultaneously Wednesday night. Abe won his game with Rolando Scrubb (background right), but lost his game with David Campbell (front right). 5-14-2014.

May 14th: Wed. Community Chess Club of Rochester Game Results:

Jim Trowbridge 0-1 Isthier Chaudhury
Sherman Cunningham 1/2-1/2 Chris Brown
Mike Runnells 0-1 Mike Lionti
Don Stubblebine 1/2-1/2 Jack Olkeysn
Ben Scott 0-1 Arjun Patel
Jim Attaya 1-0 John Strazzabosco
Gerry Bermingham 1-0 Dave Jouppi
Simul G/80d5:
Abe Glasser 1-0 Rolando Scrubb
Abe Glasser 0-1 David Campbell
Matt Eckert 1-0 Mike Connelly
Chris Brown 0-1 Cunningham

Thanks to Ken McBride for providing all the chess results for May 10th!

May 10th: Saturday Morning Youth Tournament Final Standings: 
1st Place: Jason Niu (trophy winner) with 5 points.
2nd Place: Rick Zhou and Adam Hunt with 3 1/2 points each.
3rd Place: AJ Batlle, Perky Mitchell, Keefer Zhou, Michael Niu, Natalie Prezhdo and Thomas Kwon  with 3 points each.
4th Place: Vlad Bondar with 2 points.
5th Place Sathya Mandava with 1 1/2 points.
6th Place: Jacob James, Kai Patrone, and Jillian Mitchell with 1 point each.
7th Place: Evan Peterson with 1/2 point.
8th Place: Cheyenne James and Joshua James.

1st Place:  Abraham Glasser, Pittsford (4.5 pts)
2nd Place: Webster Kehoe, Wilson (4 pts)
3rd Place: Owen Shriver, Brighton (4 pts)

4th Place:  Ethan Yung, Pittsford (3.5 pts)
5th Place:  Connor Wagner, Wilson (3 pts)
6th Place:  Sam Cherin, Wilson (3 pts)
7th Place:  Lev Paciorkowski, Brighton (3 pts)
8th Place:  Tom Liu, Brighton (3 pts)
9th Place:  Atal Bhargava, Pittsford (3 pts)
10th Place:  Anoop Sukara, Twelve Corners MS (3 pts)
1st Place tie: David Campbell and Sherman Cunningham with 2.5 points each!
U1905: Fred Harris with 1.5 points.
U1825: John Manning with 1 point.

Doug Spencer (left) won his game with Jim Attaya on Wednesday night at the Community Chess Club of Rochester. Both players were in time pressure. 5-7-2014.

May 7th: Wed. Community Chess Club of Rochester Game Results:

Chris Brown 0-1 Don Stubblebine
Akash Moothedath 0-1 Abe Glasser
David Jouppi 0-1 Ben Scott
Jamshed Ahmed 0-1 Ken Mcbride
Jack Olekysn 1-0 Pahz Cherelin
Doug Spencer 1-0 Jim Attaya
John Strazzabosco 0-1 Arjun Patel
Isthier Chaudhury 1-0 David Worl
Mike Connelly 1-0 Howard Decker
Mike Lionti 1/2-1/2 Kenn Scullin
Chuck Saweikis 1-0 Mike Runnells
Simul G/80d5:
Adam DeSantis 0-1 David Campbell 
Matt Eckert 0-1 David Campbell
Don Stubblebine 1-0 Chris Brown
Mike Lionti 1-0 Mike Connelly

Andrew Kinard (center) was today's Youth Tournament champion with 3 points.
1st Place: Andrew Kinard (trophy winner) with three points.
2nd Place: Kai Patrone, Sathya Mandava and Thomas Kwon with two points each.
3rd Place: Evan Peterson with 1 point.
4th Place: Rowan Markham and Natalie Prezhdo with 1/2 point each.

Jacob Chen (right) won his game with Doug Spencer in the second round to finish with 2 points in the Afternoon adult tournament.