Thursday, August 6, 2015

August 2015 Updates for the Rochester Chess Community

We have over 60 Community Chess Club members.  Our club is growing. 
Community Chess Club of Rochester Officers:
President - Donald Stubblebine
Vice-President: Douglas Spencer
Event Organizer, Treasurer & Web/Blog Editor: Michael Lionti
 Secretaries: David Worl and Ken McBride 
Assistant to the club officers: Abe Glasser & Mike Runnells
All officers and assistants are unpaid volunteers who wish to promote chess in our community.
You can inquire about the chess club by phone at 585-442-2430
Our mailing address: 221 Norris Drive, Rochester, NY 14610

New Movie: Pawn Sacrifice

Description: In a gripping true story set during the height of the Cold War, American chess prodigy Bobby Fischer (Tobey Maguire) finds himself caught between two superpowers when he challenges the Soviet Empire. Also starring Liev Schreiber and Peter Sarsgaard, Pawn Sacrifice chronicles Fischer's terrifying struggles with genius and madness, and the rise and fall of a kid from Brooklyn who captured the imagination of the world.
  • Release date: Sep 18, 2015
  • Director: Edward Zwick
  • Screenwriters: Steven Knight · Christopher Wilkinson · Stephen J. Rivele
  • Music by: James Newton Howard

The Epicenter of CHESS in Western New York
is right here in Rochester!  Come be a part of something big!
The folks at the Rochester Chess Center are doing a great job landscaping.
They are making our chess club look beautiful.  There are flowers and a small vegetable garden.

Tournament Announcement:
The 2nd Annual Central NY Open in Syracuse, NY.
Weekend of Oct. 17-18, 2015 at Syracuse University
The Chess Center Van is going! Sign up at Chess Center!

Syracuse University's Hall of Languages

What's this?
For something completely different:

4-way chess sets are sold at the Rochester Chess Center

4-Way Chess Rules:

Portrait of Dr. Marchand at the Rochester Chess Center.

From the Rochester Chess Archives: 
The 1st Dr. Marchand Open tournament results

Some pictures from Wednesday night Community Chess Club of Rochester Games.
August 12, 2015

Community Chess Club.  Wednesday night, Aug. 5, 2015.

Community Chess Club.  Wednesday night, Aug. 5, 2015.

Some cool-looking chess-themed Cars 

Jim Trowbridge (left) played Laszlo Tapaszto at the Community Chess Club.
  Laszlo will be heading back to his home in Caracas, Venezuela next week.  He will be missed.
  We wish him well and look forward to when he returns again to visit our chess club.
Trowbridge (left) vs Tapaszto.  Community Chess Club.  Wednesday night, Aug. 5, 2015.

Fancy inlaid playing board.  Photo credit: Popular Mechanics, Dec 1962.

Tournament Announcement:
20th Annual Arkport Open
Grand Prix
October 3, 2015
The Chess Center Van is going! Sign up at Chess Center!
4 Round Swiss System, Rounds 1 & 2 G/60, rounds 3 & 4 G/90
at Arkport Village Hall, 6 Park Ave., Arkport, NY 14807
PRIZES: $$ GTD: $200 - 100, B/25: (otherwise in proportion) U1800 $100 - 50,
U1600 $100 - 50.
ENTRY FEE: $30 CASH at site.  Open to all USCF members or join at site.
REGISTRATION: 9-9:45 a.m., Saturday 10/3/2015
ROUNDS: 10, 12, 2:15, 5:30
DIRECTOR: RON LOHRMAN of Rochester Chess Center 
ADVANCE ENTRIES: Make checks payable to F. K. Haris, 1 N. Ridge Dr., Arkport, NY 14807. Info:(607) 661-4295  cell (607) 968-0135
Directions: At traffic light on NY36 in Arkport turn east onto East Ave., immediate right onto Main St., first left onto Park St. by U.S. Post Office, and look for Village Hall (fire station) on right. Tournament is in Village Hall Community Room in rear (east end) of Village Hall, NOT in Hornellsville Town Hall (brick building).
Food: Cy's Grocery on Main St., has deli, other restaurants nearby.
Motels: Sunshine Motel (good value) (607) 324-4565 about 2 miles south of Arkport. Other motels in area.
NOTE: All entry money paid back in form of prizes except basic expenses. Last year 34 players entered. Advertised prizes: $600, Actual Prizes: $843.

A game of chess with Living Pieces.  Photo credit: Popular Mechanics, Aug 1911.

Third episode of Chess Match where instructors Ken McBride and David Petty from the Rochester Chess Center go over general principles of Openings and the common openings Ruy Lopez and Guioco Piano. An advanced match begins in the second half between Webster Kehoe and Connor Wagner, followed by a TIP of the Match and a BENEFIT of the Day, and chess teams from Gates-Chili HS and Wilson Magnet HS; chess teams from Pittsford HS, Sutherland, and Webster HS are also represented at the end of this episode. Episode 3 of Chess Match, an instructional video series airing in New York and featuring instructor Ken McBride and guest instructors David Petty, Ryan Horst, James Hiltunen, Wendy Xia, Ron Lohrman and David Phelps. And featuring chess clubs and competitions from around Upstate New York. Whether you are a beginner or advanced player or have never played chess, or are a parent of a player or would-be player, you will find something for you here. Dispelling all the myths about chess being too complicated or intimidating or uninteresting. We show blitz game and bughouse game variations. We list all the great benefits of gaming in chess. With instruction coming directly from the matches, we have a Tip of the Match for every game and a BENEFIT of the Day for every episode. Watch to see how, what, and why. New episodes every month with new players. See if your team, your club or your school, friends or acquaintances are on this episode.

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