Monday, March 20, 2017

Women's Tournament this Saturday, March 25th

April 18th Youth Tournament Results

1st Place Trophy with 2 1/2 points: Toby Rizzo
Also with 2 1/2 points: TJ Weaver

(Rear left): Bobby Dodge, TJ Weaver, Sky Justice. (Front left): Evan Peterson, Toby Rizzo, Gabe Levin

 Weekly Saturday Morning Youth Tournament
at the Rochester Chess Center
221 Norris Drive, Rochester, NY 14610
Entry fee: only $5 for 3 hours of chess, 10am-1pm
Trophy and prizes for all participants. 
Learn chess skills, play several chess games, have fun!!

50th Annual NY State Scholastic Tournament Results

Click here for cross table

High School Champion  Score/Place
Lev Paciorkowski    5/Trophy for 3rd
Webster Kehoe        4
Patrick Chernjavsky    4
Jacob Chen        4  
Sam Cherin        3½
Patrick Phillips    3½        
Connor Wagner        3           
Peter Carter        2½            
Benjamin Chernjavsky    1

Elementary Intermediate                   
Dale Janezic        5/Trophy for 4th

1126 Players, 10 of them were Rochester Players

Thank You!! For playing at the 50th Annual NY States Scholastics Chess Tournament. 
Hope to see you there NEXT YEAR!!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mar-Apr 2017 Events and Tournaments

CCCR chess postponed one day to 

Thursday March 16th - same time

We will NOT have CCCR chess tonight, March 15th.  However, we will instead have chess on Thursday night, March 16th at the same time at the Rochester Chess Center.  This also means that there can be no league make-up games tonight.  Emails will go out shortly with this information.

MARCH  13-16, 2017 - Due to the severity of the snow storm, we postponed Wednesday's regular CCCR chess meeting to the next day: Thursday March 16th. Please read this advisory:

Weather Advisory

Please be advised that due to the expected severe snow storm there may be numerous road closures, traffic light outages, and slow-downs throughout the Rochester area. Please check traffic conditions for your route to the Chess Center before leaving and drive safely.  Thank you.

Traffic conditions can be checked at and selecting traffic from the menu in the top left.

MARCH  8, 2017 - The Rochester Chess Center has power and IS OPEN for chess this evening.   Please read this advisory:

Weather Advisory

Please be advised that due to high winds there are numerous road closures, traffic light outages, and slow-downs throughout the Rochester area. Please check traffic conditions for your route to the Chess Center before leaving and drive safely. Thank you.

Traffic conditions can be checked at and selecting traffic from the menu in the top left.

Chess Center Youth Tournament - Saturday, March 4th 2017.  Trophy winner: Matt O'Heron
Chess Center Open Tournament - Saturday, March 4th 2017.  Jacob Chen (left) and Derek Linton
Jacob won 1st place with a perfect 3.0 score
Chess Center Open Tournament - Saturday, March 4th 2017.   John Manning (left) and Toby Rizzo

50th annual New York State Scholastic Championships
MAR. 11-12     

6SS, G/60 d10, open to grades K-12; top NYS player & team in each section are NY champions. In 11 sections. HS Championship and HS Reserve at Courtyard by Marriott, 11 Excelsior Ave., Saratoga Springs NY 12866. Other 9 sections 2/5 mile away at Saratoga Hilton and adjacent Saratoga City Center (connected by indoor walkway), 534 Broadway (I-87 Exit 13-N, 4 miles north on US 9), Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.  Online entry: Mail entry: Continental Chess, PO Box 249, Salisbury Mills, NY 12577. Include name, rating, USCF ID, USCF expiration (non-members include dues), section, school, grade, birth date, address of each player. Checks payable to Continental Chess. $15 per player service charge for refunds. $10 extra to switch sections, all substitutions from advance list charged $60. Questions: DirectorAtChess.US (At = @)), 347-201-2269. Bring clock if possible- none supplied. Bring set & board for HS Championship, HS Reserve & JHS Championship; set & board supplied for other sections. March official ratings used (except unofficial web ratings usually used if otherwise unrated). TD reserves right to assign estimated rating to players with non-USCF ratings.  More information here from Continental Chess.

Scholastic: Geneva North Street School - 11th Annual
March 18th

The Women's tournament is held at the Rochester Chess Center

Scholastic: Freewill Elementary School - 2nd Annual
April 29th

Portrait of Dr. Erich Watkinson Marchand displayed at the Rochester Chess Center
39th Annual Marchand Open
APR. 1-2   

Dr. Erich Marchand "requested that his friends play chess in his memory." 5SS, G/115, d5. Location: Strong National Museum of Play, One Manhattan Square, Rochester, NY 14607. $16,440 Gtd. Open Section: $3000-2000-1300-800-500-300. Under 2200 & U2000 each $750-450. FIDE Rated. EF: $85. U1800 Section: $1100-750-450. Under 1600 $750-450. EF: $70. U1400 Section: $500-300-200. Under 1200 $300-200. EF $60. U1000 Section: $400-250-160. Under 800 $200-130. EF: $50. Unrated players in the U1800 section can only win $375, in U1400 $175 & U1000 $125. No limit in Open. Balance to next prize winners. EF refunded and $100 appearance award to all GM and IM if paid by 3/20/2017. All: EF add $20 after 3/20/2017. NYSCA members deduct $3. All sections USCF rated. Ratings as in April Supplement. Bring sets, boards, and clocks – none provided. Food court and chess books & equipment sales available onsite. No smoking allowed on The Strong campus. Free parking. Reg.: 8:30-9:15am. Rds.: Sat. 10-2:15-6:30, Sun. 10-2:15. One 1/2 point bye available in rd. 1, 2, 3, or 4 if requested at entry. Optional first round Friday, 3/31/2017 at 7pm played at Rochester Chess Center (register by 6:30pm). Info: 585-442-2430. Mail entry to: Rochester Chess Center, 221 Norris Dr., Rochester, NY 14610. Web: Store:

Dr. Farley Memorial XXVI Chess League
The Monday Night Spring Chess League begins
 April 3rd 
The league runs for 10 weeks on Monday nights.
Teams are forming.  Sign-up at the Chess Center.
Time Control: G/90d5
Call 585-442-2430 for Info.  Register by 6:30pm 4/3/17.  

Rochester Chess Center's Regular Schedule

Every Monday:  7 to 10pm, Rated League, ~10 weeks.  We’ll get you onto a team.  Runs throughout the year in four 10 week segments.  4 or 5 players on a team, the highest player on your team plays the highest player on your opponent’s team, etc.  Rated by the USCF.  Game in 90 minutes with 5 second delay.  $$25
Registration 1st week to form teams: 6-6:50pm

Every Wednesday:  7:30 to 10pm, USCF Rated Games with the Community Chess Club of Rochester.  This is the best event for adult players new to tournament disciplines of recording moves and budgeting time on a chess clock.  Opponent with similar skill/rating is assigned. Game in 80 minutes with 5 second delay. $$5 Registration: 6:30-7:20pm

Every Saturday:  10am to 1pm, Youth Tournament.  Practice budgeting your time with a chess clock, and recording moves with a score sheet.  Prize for each player, and trophy for “player of the day”.   If you are a USCF member, your games will count toward your national rating.  Game in 30minutes, usually 3-5 games.  $$5
Register no later than 1:55pm

Every Saturday:  2 to 8pm, Afternoon Tournament.  USCF rated, cash prizes 70% of entries.  Sections by rating, 8 players each.  Game in 60 minutes with 5 second delay; 3 rounds.  $$15 adults, 13 high school, 11 pre high school
Registration: Arrive by 10am for 1st round, or arrive later and join the next available round

USCF events require USCF membership,  $46 premium (w/magazine) or $40 regular.  Special rates for youth and seniors.  You can join the USCF here the same day you play.  Entry fees are shown as $$ in the description of each event. 

For chess classes, tutoring, camps, visit our High School League website     
                                                             Equipment Sales are also available