Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Chess Camp, Upcoming Tournaments & Events

Chess Camp: Dec. 26th thru 29th

Wednesday night, December 20, 2017
at the Rochester Chess Center
Details to follow...

The Community Chess Club of Rochester will have their regularly scheduled chess games during the holidays on November 22nd (preceding Thanksgiving), December 20th and December 27th.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Club Championship "Awards Night"

21st Annual Community Chess Club Championship 
"Awards Night"
Wed. November 15th, 2017
Please join us for the award ceremony which will be held at 7:30 pm at the Rochester Chess Center.  Cake and will be served.  The club's regularly scheduled chess games will follow the awards ceremony.

1st Place: Lev Paciorkowski
2nd Place: Clif Kharroubi
3rd Place: Jamshed Ahmed
4th Place: Don Stubblebine
5th Place: David Phelps

U2000: Brian Jesse
U1800: Aidan Kharroubi
U1600: Dan Burnside
U1400: Joshua Stevens
U1200: Richard Warmus
U1000: Mike Connelly

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Chess Friend and Teacher, Adam DeSantis passed away Nov. 3, 2017

In Memoriam
Adam P Desantis
(Mr. Chess)

Adam DeSantis (center) with James Hiltunen and Ken McBride

Chili: On Nov 3, 2017. Predeceased by his son David; great-granddaughter Avery. Survived by his wife Arlene; children Sharon Rogers, Daniel DeSantis, Christine SaintOurs; brother Joseph (June) DeSantis; 6 grand & 4 great-grandchildren; nieces; nephews & cousins. Adam was a WWII Veteran.

Friends may call Tuesday 4-7 pm at James R. Gray Funeral Home, 1530 Buffalo Rd. Burial in Sampson Veterans Memorial Cemetery. Kindly consider the National Kidney Foundation in memory of Avery Frechette.

Published in Rochester Democrat And Chronicle on Nov. 5, 2017
To leave a special memory or note for the family, please visit Legacy.com

The Chess Community wishes sincere condolences to Adam's  family.
The games played this Wednesday night with the Community Chess Club of Rochester
 will be dedicated in memory of Adam.

Adam will be sadly missed.  Adam was a tremendous friend to many, a long-time chess teacher and chess player.  With his teaching, he introduced literally thousands of young people in the Rochester area to the game of chess. Adam loved the game of chess and he loved teaching.  Over many years, Adam taught chess in the schools, many libraries and essentially any place where a chess board could be set up. You might have found Adam teaching chess at the Wegmans cafe, Leaf and Bean coffee shop in Chili, one of the many sports gyms, and the list goes on and on. He was absolutely the biggest proponent of chess with the biggest heart the Rochester community have ever come to know. This is why Adam DeSantis was known also as "Mr. Chess".
Adam always had chess sets in his car's trunk.  Adam was always ready to bring out the chess board and chess pieces to teach chess and bring a wonderful smile of excitement to somebody new who maybe heard of the game of chess, but did not know the moves or the thrill of the game.
Among many chess clubs that Adam founded over the years is the Chili Library Chess Club. Adam ran the kids chess club with Fred Mellender for many many years.. This wonderful chess club for kids is growing and meetings several times a month.  
Chili Library Chess Club, founded by Adam DeSantis
Fred Mellender said he will continue Adam's work to run the Chili Library Chess Club, which Adam founded and was so proud of.  This is what Fred had to say about Adam, "Adam taught chess to Rochester kids over the last 50+ years. He started chess clubs in schools, libraries, and recreation centers. His influence in the lives of so many kids cannot be overestimated".  
If you would like to leave a remembrance of Adam, the Legacy site is linked here for you to do so.

Adam DeSantis playing chess during a simultaneous event.

Adam DeSantis with Calvin Moulton at the 2016 Marchand.

Adam DeSantis with Ken McBride at the 2016 Marchand.

Adam DeSantis (left front) played new Community Chess Club member Bob Talbot.
In the background, Braden Holcomb (left) played Jim Trowbridge.  July 30, 2014.

From left to right: Daniel Johnston, Adam DeSantis, Ken McBride, Abe Glasser, Mike Lionti (holding the camera) and Neil Parry (not pictured) arrived for the weekly chess battles. Ice, snow and extreme cold can't hold back these chess players!
** This picture was taken during a chess tourney during a snowstorm. Nothing could keep Adam away from being with his pals at the chess club! From 2014 **

Round 2: Adam DeSantis aka "Mr. Chess" (left) lost to Spencer Dewey.
** from 2013 **

Left to Right: Adam DeSantis, Grant Glor, Laszlo Tapaszto and David Love, Sept. 2016

From left to right: Adam DeSantis, Jim Trowbridge, Caleb Carroll, Jim Attaya, Laszlo Tapaszto, Mike Lionti, Joe Sarratori. Sept. 1, 2016.

Ken McBride, Isay Golyak and Adam DeSantis. May 20, 2015.

Over the years, Adam found the game site itsyourturn.com to be one of his favorite hobbies. On the site, Adam could play chess from anywhere (frequently from Roberts Wesleyan College Library) and anytime. It was not uncommon to see that Adam was making chess moves at 3am in the morning. 

Adam's User Id on the site was "kandahar" aka "alyeska".  He joined the site on Jan. 31, 2000.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

2017 Community Chess Club Championship - Rnd5

Chess Club Champion Lev Paciorkowski

Chess Master 
Lev Paciorkowski
Wins 2017 Club Championship!

4.5 point tie broken by tie-break rules.

2nd Place: Clif Kharroubi
3rd Place: Jamshed Ahmed
4th Place: Don Stubblebine
5th Place: David Phelps

U2000: Brian Jesse
U1800: Aidan Kharroubi
U1600: Dan Burnside
U1400: Joshua Stevens
U1200: Richard Warmus
U1000: Mike Connelly

Awards night will be held on Wednesday, Nov 15th, 2017 at 7:3pm
at the Rochester Chess Center.  Please join us for the awards presentation.
We will celebrate with cake & coffee. Following the awards presentation,
we will have our normal rated games.

More tournament coverage coming soon.

Lev Paciorkowski (2398) won his game with Randy MacKenzie (2016) and tied for 1st place with 4.5 points.

Clif Kharroubi (2114) won his game with David Phelps (1936) and tied for 1st place with 4.5 points.

2017 Club Championship Photo.

Jan Tarwid

Jerry Birmingham and Jim Attaya

Richard Motroni and David Worl

For a great selection of games from this year's club championship,

Thursday, October 26, 2017

2017 Community Chess Club Championship - Rnd4

Defending Club Champion, Chess Master Lev Paciorkowski (2398) drew his game with
 David Phelps (1936) in round 4 setting up a 4-way tie for 1st place going into the final round.

We enter the final round of the Club Championship with a four-way tie:

Lev Paciorkowski
 David Phelps
Randy MacKenzie
Clif Kharroubi

The defending club champion, Lev Paciorkowski, is still in position to repeat.  However, there is also a chance that there might be co-champions this year!  The FINAL round will be next Wednesday night, Nov. 1st.

Tie-breaking in Swiss-System Tournaments:
As stated in the tournament announcement, there will be co-champions only for perfect scores. Since none of the participants have perfect scores, we may be using tie-breaks if there is no clear winner by points.

Rochester Chess Center's Tiebreakers, as of 12/2014 
(subject to change if revised & posted differently at the Chess Center)
The following sequence of tiebreaks will be used for ordering the finish of players who complete the event with the same score:
1) Modified Median - Add up the scores of each player's opponents.  If the tied players have a plus score, their lowest scoring opponents score is discarded; if a minus score, their highest scoring opponent's score is discarded; an even score, both their highest and lowest scoring opponent's scores are discarded.
... remaining ties are then broken by...
2) Solkoff - Add up the scores of each tied player's opponents.
...remaining ties are then broken by...
3) Cumulative - Add up the running score of the tied players for each round.
...remaining ties are then broken by...
4) Cumulative scores of opposition - Add up the cumulative scores of each tied player's opposition.

Before the start of every round, we have been giving out door prize drawings.  Every participant gets to choose one chess book from Doug Spencer's personal chess library and either a floppy score book or hardcover score book.  The chess library was donated to the chess club from Doug's brother David.  We are very thankful to David Spencer for the donation to our chess club.  The books remaining after the door prizes are all given out will be kept as prizes for future club events until all of the books in Doug's library have been distributed.

Doug Spencer passed away on July 31st, 2017, at the age of 63.

Books from Doug Spencer's chess library.

Every book in Doug's chess library has this inside the front cover.

More Tournament News:
CONGRATULATIONS to Lev Paciorkowski who attained his highest USCF ratings so far (2398) with a tie for 1st place in the Centeral NY Open in Syracuse over this past weekend.  Blaze Veljovski also tied for first for a class prize.  Special mention also for Toby Rizzo who took 1st place in the Chess Center's Saturday Open tournament.  Toby's chess rating is now 1671.  

Some photos from the Club Championship:

Dan Burnside (left) won his game with Jim Trowbridge.

Jan Tarwid (left) won his game with Jim Attaya.

David Worl enjoys a good game with his opponent, Howard Decker.

For the FINAL round on Nov. 1st, the chess club will be providing pizza.
The pizza, soft drinks & snacks will arrive at the Chess Center by 6:00pm.

For a great selection of games from this year's club championship,

 Smoke the Pawn

Here's another screen capture from Smoke the Pawn:

 Smoke the Pawn

The Community Chess Club of Rochester (CCCR) would like to thank the following individuals for helping  to make this year's tournament a success. Preparing for a tournament starts months before the event, and runs well when there is a dedicated group of people offering their time and effort for planning and helping out wherever it's needed.
The participants - for helping to make this a great tournament!
Ron Lohrman - 21st year as this event's TD,  creating memorial note in Doug's books
David Spencer - donating chess books in memory of his brother Doug
David Phelps - setting up the display for Doug Spencer's book library
Jim Trowbridge - sharing blog with many tourney games and annotations
Mike Runnells - assistant TD and helping to organize the event, tracking ratings & membeships
Ken McBride - assistant TD and helping to organize the event, assisting with pairings
Mike Lionti - 21st year organizing this event, setting up snacks for every round, TD

Thursday, October 19, 2017

2017 Community Chess Club Championship - Rnd3

Defending Club Champion, Chess Master Lev Paciorkowski, won his game with
 2010 Club Champion and Club President Don Stubblebine in a titanic battle.

Only two of the chess players: Lev Paciorkowski and David Phelps 
will be entering the 4th round with 3 points.  The defending club champion, Lev Paciorkowski, is still in position to repeat.  However, there are still 2 games to go, and there will be challengers attempting to secure that title and become the new club champion.  The club champion traditionally gives a chess simultaneous the following year. 

Second Round upsets:
Brian Jesse drew Ken McBride
Howard Decker drew Jim Trowbridge
Richard Warmus won against Mike Lionti

Randy MacKenzie won his game with Tony Badamo to secure 3 points in the tournament.

Brian Jesse played a spectacular game to secure a draw with Ken McBride.

Clif Kharroubi played a crushing knight fork (with check) to secure his point
against Rich Motroni in a tenuous endgame.

The Club Championship continues with Round #4 next week, on Wed. Oct. 25th, 2017.
Spectators welcome.  Games begin at 7:30pm, following announcements.
All games played at the Rochester Chess Center, 221 Norris Dr. Rochester, NY.