Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Rochester Chess Center Picnic at Mendon Ponds Park - July 12, 2017

Wizard joins the fun at the Rochester Chess Center picnic!

Nothing is better than CHESS COOKIES !!!!

Back at the Chess Center, Laszlo Tapaszto (right) plays Jan Tarwid.
It's great to see Laszlo again, visiting from Caracas, Venezuela.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Events, News & Summer Chess Camp Information

Dr. Farley Memorial XXVII Chess League
The Monday Night Summer Chess League begins
 July 10th 
The league runs for 10 weeks on Monday nights.
Teams are forming.  Sign-up at the Chess Center.
Time Control: G/90d5
Call 585-442-2430 for Info.  Register by 6:30pm 7/10/17
Note: The start date was changed from 6/26/17 to 7/10/17.

Daniel Johnston
for his win against Grand Master Pavel Blatny
in the Wisconsin International Chess Festival tournament
this past weekend.  Click on this text for a link to the tournament.
Daniel scored 5 out of 9 and with a post-tournament USCF rating of 2223.

Saturday June 24, 2017
Congratulations to Gabriel Levin who won the Saturday Youth tournament trophy!
Congratulations to Tanush Senthil Kumar who scored 4 points!

The Rochester Chess Center's weekly Youth Tournament is 10am-1pm, $5 entry fee.
It is held every Saturday.  Call 585-442-2430 for more information.

Some photos from the Saturday Open Tournament 
at the Chess Center - June 24, 2017
Richard Motroni (left) looks at his options during his game with Howard Decker.
Pranav Senthil Kumar (left) anticipates being put in check by his opponent Daniel Johnston.

The 2017 Community Chess Club Championship begins October 4th 2017 and runs for 5 Wednesday nights, finishing on November 1st.
Eligibility: CCCR members who have played a minimum of 10 games between Nov. 9, 2016 and Sept. 27, 2017 on separate Wednesday nights qualify to enter.  The championship tournament is a lot of fun with great prizes.  It is the second largest annual tournament in Rochester.
Get your games in to be eligible to participate!

 July 12th
The annual Rochester Chess Center Picnic will be held at Mendon Ponds Park, East Lodge on Wednesday, July 12th.  Though we hope everyone attends the picnic, we will also still have the regular Community Chess Club games (G/80 d5) at 7:30pm at the Chess Center on Wednesday evening.  Many folks choose to go to the picnic for a while in the afternoon, and then go to the chess center in the evening for a rated game at 7:30pm.  Try to do both, or at least the picnic!   It's is great to see everyone and enjoy the fresh air.

Picnic Directions & Details: Go South on Clover Street, cross Thruway, enter the park (turn left) at the first entrance, East Lodge is 1/2 mile on the left. Lodge is open at 1:00 pm.  Fires will be stoked up at 5:30 pm. Rain or shine, the lodge will be fine.  The Rochester Chess Center will also provide the chess sets, soft drinks, plates, plastic ware, charcoal and condiments.  Chess sets will also be provided for unrated chess games.  You bring your own food to grill and any sports equipment.  This is a communal event, so please bring a dish to share:  Last name A to M please bring a salad to pass, N to Z please bring a dessert to pass.  Everyone is welcome, $5 per person... $15 max per family.  Picnic is free to Rochester Chess Center members and their families.

Chess Camp is available to students age 5-13 years. All skill levels from beginner to advanced are encouraged to attend. Beginners who arrive without any knowledge of the game will become proficient players from their camp experience; advanced players benefit from sharing classes and experience with some of the top scholastic players in the USA.

Because this is our 26th year of offering camps, our counselors are among the most experienced chess teachers found anywhere. We coordinate daily activities and instruction to expand the student's chess skills. Chess is known to teach logic, problem solving, analysis techniques, and will improve study habits. These skills have obvious carry-over benefits to schooling and career. But, the main reason kids come back to our chess camps year after year is because...


Rochester Chess Center is located near Cobbs Hill Park, at 221 Norris Drive. There will be daily outings to the park for seasonal activities (Frisbee, soccer, hiking)... so dress for outdoor action.

Summer Camp Dates:

Week 1  July 5-7 (3 day week)  

Week 2 July 10-14

Week 3 July 17-21

Week 4 July 24-28

Week 5 July 31 - Aug 4

Week 6 Aug 7-11

Week 7 Aug 14-18

Week 8 Aug 21-25

Week 9 Aug 28-Sep 1

Send your deposit (1/2 of the camp fee) to reserve a spot. Single days are allowed. Call Ken or Ron to register 442-2430 and mail your deposit to: Rochester Chess Center, 221 Norris Drive, Rochester, NY 14610 

Fee: $54.00 per day, or $215 per 5 day week

Chess Center Members please apply your
 30% discount to the above fees:
1 day $38      5 day week $150

Chess Center membership is $95 (or $155 for the Family membership) for 12 months. Benefits include discounts on camps, lessons, equipment, and snack bar and family picnic. Of course, your membership also is important in supporting Rochester area chess promotion. We have chess instruction programs at 57 schools and the Interscholastic Chess League for Rochester and Buffalo (www.nychess.org).

Hope you're coming to Chess Camp... 

Your friends will be here!!

We allow for early drop-off (as early as 8am) and late pick-up (as late at 5:30pm) at no extra cost!

A Typical Day:

9:00-10:00 AM    CHESS PLAY
12:00-12:30pm    LUNCH&CHESS PLAY OR VIDEO

Ches Camp Registration Form

Call Ron or Ken to reserve spot (585) 442-2430 and mail payment favoring: Rochester Chess Center, 221 Norris Drive, Rochester, NY 14610

Child's Name_______________________ Birth Date __/__/__

Address_______________________________ Phone_____________
City____________________________ Zip___________

Please enroll me into the following days/weeks___________________

Enclosed Deposit (50% of fee)_________ Check payable to "Rochester Chess Center"

Pay by Credit Card: Card #______________________ Exp. Date __/__/__

Also required: C.C. Statement send to: Street #_________________ Zip Code______ CVV:______ Signature_____________________________

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Lev Paciorkowski Simul

The Community Chess Club celebrated with an awards ceremony and cake on June 14, 2017.
Left to Right: David Campbell, Randy MacKenzie, Matt Slomski, Toby Rizzo, Hanan Dery, Don Stubblebine, Lev Paciorkowski and Dan Burnside.  Our club president, Don Stubblebine, presented the awards.

Congratulations to
Lev Paciorkowski !

Simultaneous Results Summary:
28 Opponents
19 wins, 6 draws and 3 losses
Losses were all against expert-level players: David Campbell, Randy MacKenzie & David Phelps
Draws were against Toby Rizzo, Hanan Dery, Dan Burnside, Edwin Rosenberg, Matthew O'Heron & Matt Slomski

The Chess Simul with Lev Paciorkowski
This chess simultaneous was held at the Rochester Chess Center on June 7th, 2016 beginning at 6:10pm.  The last game finished at 10:30pm.  Twenty eight players played the black chess pieces against our Community Chess Club of Rochester (CCCR) club champion, Lev Paciorkowski, commanding a strong USCF rating of 2353.  The final result for Lev was 19 wins, 6 draws, and only 3 losses (the losses were against expert-level players).  The simultaneous event is held annually and the club champion traditionally takes the role to play all of the opponents at the same time.  This year, at the suggestion of Lev, we increased the number of opponents we would allow to participate, and we ended up with 28 opponents, which is our biggest simul ever for our chess club.

The evening started out with a pre-event dinner at 5:30pm.  The club provided pizza, snacks and beverages for all of the players and spectators.  At 6:00pm, the players and spectators moved to the main playing room for a questions & answers session to review the simul rules and etiquette.  Promptly at 6:10pm, the simul started and Lev began his rounds among a very large rectangle of tables set up with 28 chess boards, all numbered 1 to 28.  Lev played the white pieces on all the boards, which is tradition.  By 7pm, no games were finished.  By 8pm, Lev won his first game against Adam DeSantis, but no other games had yet completed.  By 9pm, Lev had 4 wins and 2 draws.  By 10pm, Lev had 7 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses - to David Campbell, Randy MacKenzie and David Phelps - all Expert level players who all had titanic battles with Lev to seal their wins.  By 10:30pm, the last game was finished when Lev won his game with Matt Overlan.  Those who drew their games with Lev were: Toby Rizzo, Hanan Dery, Dan Burnside, Edwin Rosenberg, Matthew O'Heron and Matt Slomski. 

The first thing spectators witnessed and talked quietly about was the mental and physical exhaustion that Lev had to fight off to stay alert as the hours playing accumulated.  Lev had to refocus over and over again maybe 1000 times, as each view of the chessboard is a new chess puzzle to crack.  Lev took no breaks.  Not one.  He played from start to finish and paced himself very well.  Lev's parents were on hand to watch and I think they were also amazed at the effort it takes to play so much chess all in one evening.  While each of the 28 opponents were trying to figure out just one chess game - the tactics, the position, the strategy of that particular game, Lev had 28 to contend with.  The final result for Lev was a great performance, ending up with a very good overall win/loss/draw score among a wide variety of chess ratings strengths dispersed among the 28 games.  The amount of brain power used must have been enormous.  Over the many small two-person USCF-rated simuls Lev has played over the years, Lev had never lost a game.  So, that was said to be Lev's goal: not to lose any games.  But, over the long and fierce chess battles taking place from one board to the next, Lev finally succumbed to three losses. 

There were many amazing draws as well, including those with Toby Rizzo and Matthew O'Heron who are young chess players who have shown tremendous potential over the last year.  There were also many folks who tried very hard to win or at least draw, but just couldn't pull it off, and left for home without a win or draw against Lev, but surely had an excellent evening playing against the best active chess player in Rochester and probably western New York. 

Next Fall, Lev plans to enter college.  Hopefully, Lev will continue to be a frequent player at the Chess Center, balancing his college studies with chess.  We all are grateful to Lev for providing all of us with a great evening of chess, whether one watched or played.  We will celebrate the results on Wednesday night, June 14th at 7:30pm with a cake and an awards ceremony.  Once again, congratulations to Lev Paciorkowski, and thanks for an excellent night at the Chess Center!

Matt Overlan congratulates Lev Paciorkowski (USCF rating 2353) on his victory and last game of the simultaneous.
June 7, 2017
Lev Paciorkowski, the Chess Club Champion, plays 28 opponents simultaneously.
June 7, 2017
Toby Rizzo concentrates as he gets ready for his next move.  Toby drew his game with Lev.
June 7, 2017
After the first hour of chess, all 28 games were still in-progress.
June 7, 2017
David Campbell won his game with Lev after a titanic battle.
June 7, 2017

Lev contemplates his next move.
June 7, 2017

Photos and score sheets from the chess simultaneous
are now available for download: 

Thanks to Lev Paciorkowski
 for participating in this year's annual chess event
and for providing us all with a memorable evening
of fun and great games of simultaneous chess!

Next week on June 14th, we will celebrate with a cake and give
out all the prizes and certificates.  Please join us! 
The ceremony will begin at 7:30pm, followed by rated games, G/80d5.

Announcing the 4th Annual 
Community Chess Club Simultaneous
with Chess Master Lev Paciorkowski
our 2016 chess club champion!

June 7, 2017 at
the Rochester Chess Center

Chess Master Lev Paciorkowski

We hope to see you there as a participant
or as a spectator.

Registration can be done at the Chess Center.
Payment is required with registration.
Spectators & Visitors are welcome! 
The pizza & beverages will arrive at ~5:30pm
and the simultaneous will begin at ~6:00pm.

Registration has now started, so plan to sign up soon!

There is an Simul overflow list 
for any last-minute player cancellations.

Please join us for pizza & beverages before the Simul. 

For those unable to participate in the chess simultaneous, 
we will still have our regular chess play available upstairs
 at the Chess Center on June 7th.