Monday, March 20, 2017

Women's Tournament this Saturday, March 25th

April 18th Youth Tourament Results

1st Place Trophy with 2 1/2 points: Toby Rizzo
Also with 2 1/2 points: TJ Weaver

(Rear left): Bobby Dodge, TJ Weaver, Sky Justice. (Front left): Evan Peterson, Toby Rizzo, Gabe Levin

 Weekly Saturday Morning Youth Tournament
at the Rochester Chess Center
221 Norris Drive, Rochester, NY 14610
Entry fee: only $5 for 3 hours of chess, 10am-1pm
Trophy and prizes for all participants. 
Learn chess skills, play several chess games, have fun!!

50th Annual NY State Scholastic Tournament Results

Click here for cross table

High School Champion  Score/Place
Lev Paciorkowski    5/Trophy for 3rd
Webster Kehoe        4
Patrick Chernjavsky    4
Jacob Chen        4  
Sam Cherin        3½
Patrick Phillips    3½        
Connor Wagner        3           
Peter Carter        2½            
Benjamin Chernjavsky    1

Elementary Intermediate                   
Dale Janezic        5/Trophy for 4th

1126 Players, 10 of them were Rochester Players

Thank You!! For playing at the 50th Annual NY States Scholastics Chess Tournament. 
Hope to see you there NEXT YEAR!!