Sunday, January 14, 2018

Jan. 24th - Lecture with Chess Master Matt Slomski

 Special Event 
Lecture Series continues with Chess Master
Matt Slomski
Topic: Initiative
Sponsored by the Community Chess Club of Rochester
Date: January 24th, 2018 
Time: 5:00-6:30pm at the Rochester Chess Center
Free for CCCR members; $5 for non-members.  All are welcome!
5pm-5:30pm: Free pizza, cookies & apple cider for all who attend 
Matt Slomski's chess lecture
5:30-6:30pm: Lecture (Introduction, Presentation, Q&A, Closing notes)
6:30pm: Registration for CCCR G/80d5 games (optional, following lecture)
Note: The lecture will be video recorded. 

Matt Slomski, USCF Master.  Rating 2070.

This lecture will include Q&A to willing participants from Chess Master Matt Slomski.  
Here is how that will be accomplished: 
In this lecture, Matt will request that those interested in being asked questions by Matt fill out a short questionnaire with your name and chess rating.  During the lecture, Matt may call upon only those people that are willing to respond to questions.  Matt will tailor the questions to willing participants based on their chess rating (with questions being more challenging for higher rated participants). If the participant has no chess rating, then beginner, intermediate or expert can be noted on the questionnaire. Please note that everyone is welcome and participation in questions from the lecturer Matt Slomski is optional.  Thank you for your interest, and we hope to see you at the lecture.

Update Jan. 15, 2018:
The blog editor has asked Matt to provide a short summary about his chess life.  
This is what Matt would like to share with everyone:

"I always enjoy having someone of greater strength at the chess center to play against. The biggest help was playing over 70 rated games with Igor Nikolayev which was very educational for me as well as increase my rating every time I managed a draw or even a win. The chess center today has this same glorious feeling!"

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Lecture with Chess Master Clif Kharroubi, News & Events

Wednesday, December 20th
We will be having our annual Holiday Party tonight at the Chess Center, starting at 6:30pm.
The Community Chess Club will provide pizza, eggnog and soft drinks.
If you would like, please bring a dish to share.  We have been informed that Mike Runnells will be bringing a fresh batch of his wife's famous chocolate chip cookies!
Everyone is welcome!  Happy Holidays!

The Rochester Chess Center will be open for chess on Saturday, Dec. 23rd and 30th for the Youth Tournament at 10am (G/30d5), Open Tournament at 2pm (G/60d5) and for your last-minute shopping needs!

The Community Chess Club is open for their regular chess club meetings on Wed. Dec. 20th and Wed. Dec. 27th.  Registration: 6:30pm to 7:20pm (G/80d5).

Monday Night Chess League
The next Monday Night Dr. Farley Memorial Chess League begins Monday, Jan. 8th.
Sign-up at the Chess Center.  Register by 6:30pm on Jan. 8th.

From the United States Chess Federation December 2017 Rating Supplement

Chess Master Lev Paciorkowski  
has achieved at 2408 USCF Rating!

Lev is currently the #1 rated chess player
in the Rochester area and also the 
2016-2017 Club Champion.

Awards Night Photos

Here are some photos from Awards Night, celebrating the achievements of club players who participated in the annual Community Chess Club of Rochester Chess Championship held in October and early November of this year.

The Club Champion: Chess Master Lev Paciorkowski

U1000: Mike Connelly

U1200: Richard Warmus

U1400: Joshua Stevens

U1600  by tie-break: Dan Burnside

tie-break prize: David Worl

tie-break prize: Toby Rizzo
U1800: Aidan Kharroubi

U2000: Brian Jesse

tie-break prize: Randy MacKenzie
tie-break prize: Ken McBride

5th Place by tie-break: David Phelps

4th Place: Don Stubblebine

3rd Place: Jamshed Ahmed

2nd Place by tie-break: Clif Kharroubi

Club Champion by tie-break: Lev Paciorkowski