Sunday, September 29, 2013

Community Chess Club Championship begins this week!

 Last year's defending Club Champion: Abraham Glasser

When: Four consecutive Wednesday nights, October 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd. Registration for first round 6pm-7:15pm. Register before October 2nd for reduced rate. Games begin at 7:30pm.

                Save the these dates!  We welcome new members!

Where/Contact: Rochester Chess Center, 221 Norris Drive, Rochester, NY 14610. Phone: 585-442-2430.

Rounds: 4 Swiss System

Time Controls: G/80d5 (game in 80 minutes, with 5 second delay)

Great Tournament prizes. Door prizes before every round. Snacks/Food also provided.

Players: Please bring a dish to share for at least one of the rounds. Club will provide snack for rounds 1-4 and pizza for round 4. Sign-up sheet will be at the Rochester Chess Center. Visitors welcome!

  • Must be a current CCCR member
  • Four games played as CCCR Member during any 4 Wednesdays prior to October 2nd
  • Must be a current USCF member

CCCR Membership: CCCR Membership $25/year (which includes free entry free for your first game as a CCCR member, or a renewed member). Membership duration is for one year from the date of joining the club. We currently have 40 members, as of June 2013.

Entry Fee: $5

TD: The tournament Director will be Ronald Lohrman

CCCR Champions Hall of Fame 1997-2012:
2012: Abraham Glasser
2011: Douglas Spencer
2010: Donald Stubblebine
2009: Isay Golay
2008: Matt Parry
2007: Craig LaSalle
2006: Isay Golyak
2005: Isay Golyak
2004: Andrey Kozitsky
2001-2003: Igor Nikolayev
2000: Isay Golyak
1999: Isay Golyak
1998: James Clague
1997: Michael Winans

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dr. Farlay Fall League XII 2013 Schedule

Rochester Chess Center, 221 Norris Drive, Rochester NY 14610
Tournament Director: David Phelps 585-442-2430
Assistant TD: Mike Lionti

All games begin at 7pm.  You can play games before the post date.  All games (including make-ups) must be completed by Dec 4th.  You must call your opponent (not the chess center) to reschedule a chess game.  If you do not contact your opponent and you fail to show up, it will be recorded as an unrated forfeit.

Team   Board              Board                  Board            Board            Board             
                1                       2                         3                    4                     5           
2        MCBRIDE     RUBENSTEIN    ROSENBERG DERY                 FUHRMAN     
3        PETTY            AHMED         FREARSON   CONNELLY    DASGUPTA
4        ROSSI            SPENCER      SUNKARA     LIONTI           KOLACZYK  

Week     Date     Team Pairing

1        Sept 9          3-6     5-4     1-2

2        Sept 16        2-6     4-1     3-5

3        Sept 23        6-5     1-3     4-2

4        Sept 30        6-4     5-1     2-3

5        Oct 7          1-6     2-5     3-4

6        Oct 14         6-3     4-5     2-1    

7        Oct 21         6-2     1-4     5-3    

8        Oct 28         5-6     3-1     2-4    

9        Nov 4          4-6     1-5     3-2    

10       Nov 11         6-1     5-2     4-3

         Nov 18         Makeup "if needed"    

1        Jan 6          First day of Winter League

Chess Center "B U G H O U S E" tournament moves to Thursday evenings!

The bughouse tournament has moved from Wednesday nights to Thursdays, from 5:30pm - 7:30pm. 

This should be more convenient for kids and parents, especially during school nights.

We hope to see you at the Rochester Chess Center.

Everyone is welcome!

For more info, please call 585-442-2430

RCC Saturday Youth and Adult tournament results for September 21, 2013

Weekly Youth Tournament:
1st place - Joshua Iosevich and Nathan Iosevich with 3 points. Trophy to Joshua after 2nd blitz playoff. The first blitz playoff ended in a draw.
2nd -  Arianna Kharroubi, Aidan Kharroubi, Natalie Prezhdo and Isaac Latoski with 2 points each
3rd - Charlie Vitkus

Tie-breaking 2nd Blitz Playoff won by Joshua Iosevich (right, black pieces) vs his brother Nathan Iosevich.
Both brothers are very good chess players. The Youth tournament is every Saturday from 10am-1pm.

Don't forget: The 18th Annual Arkport Open Gran Prix Chess Tournament is October 5th. The Chess Center van is going! The regular Saturday tournaments (Youth morning and Adult afternoon) will still be taking place at the Chess Center.