Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Nov-Dec 2015 Tournaments and Activities

We have over 60 Community Chess Club members.  Our club is growing. 
Community Chess Club of Rochester Officers:
President - Donald Stubblebine
Vice-President: Douglas Spencer
Event Organizer, Treasurer & Web/Blog Editor: Michael Lionti
 Secretaries: David Worl and Ken McBride 
Assistant to the club officers: Abe Glasser & Mike Runnells
All officers and assistants are unpaid volunteers who wish to promote chess in our community.
You can inquire about the chess club by phone at 585-442-2430
Our mailing address: 221 Norris Drive, Rochester, NY 14610

19th Annual Community Chess Club 
Championship "Awards Night"
** Wed. December 2nd **
Please join us for the award ceremony which will be held at 7:30pm on Wednesday, Dec. 2nd at the Rochester Chess Center.  Cake will be served.  The club's regularly scheduled chess games will follow the awards ceremony.  

Here is an interesting story from The Telegraph newspaper in England:

Football-mad, mobbed by girls and easily bored: Meet Magnus Carlsen, the world's greatest chess player

Alexandra Kosteniuk has a web site with free chess podcasts.  
She is the 12th women's world champion.
Main Web site - click here
Podcasts - Click here

Some other World Champion web sites:

Anatoly Karpov
Magnus Carlsen
Garry Kasparov
Vladimir Kramnik
Susan Polgar

Chess Boxing Tournament 
Presented by ROC Boxing & Fitness
Sunday, Nov. 15th


Seneca Lake Open results
  The tournament was held in Geneva on Saturday, Nov. 14th.  The Chess Center van took a large group to participate in the tournament.  There was $1000 in guaranteed prizes.  The cross table photo is a little bit blurry, but hopefully it is still good enough to see the game scores and prizes.  The tournament organizer was Jonathan Porschet and the tournament director was Ron Lohrman.  Several of the most active top players in Western NY participated.  This included our own group of local Rochester players Lev Paciorkowski, Matt Slomski, Abraham Glasser, Daniel Johnston, David Phelps, Jamshed Ahmed, David Campbell, Owen Shriver, and Thomas Kwon to name just a few.  After 4 rounds of play, there were no perfect scores in the Open section.  It is great to see our local players participating in these tournaments.  See the results below.

The 19th Annual Community Chess Club Championship

Here are some of the games from the tournament:

Front: 1st Place (center) Cliff Kharroubi, 2nd Place (left) David Campbell and 3rd Place (right) Daniel Johnston.
Standing: 4th Place (left) Sam Cherin, 5th Place (right) Matt Slomski and (center) Jamshed Ahmed.

Group Photo for the 19th Annual Community CHESS CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP

Congratulations to
Cliff Kharroubi
Our Community Chess Club

Cliff Kharroubi won his game with Lev Paciorkowski tonight.  Matt Slomski won his game with Ken McBride.  Cliff won the tournament with 4.5 out of 5 which was also the highest score.  Coming in second was David Campbell.  Taking third was Daniel Johnston.   

1st - Cliff Kharroubi
2nd - David Campbell
3rd - Daniel Johnston
4th - Sam Cherin
5th - Matt Slomski

U2000 - David Phelps
U1800 - Arjun Ganesh
U1600 - Jim Trowbridge/Patrick Phillips
U1400 - Mike Connelly
U1200 - Howard Decker
U1000 - Jonah Green

Please join us for the award ceremony which will be held at 7:30pm on Wednesday, Nov. 25th at the Rochester Chess Center.  Cake will be served.  

More chess games and results will be coming online shortly.!2480&authkey=!AGKajjl9PHS3lQI&ithint=folder%2cjpg
Photographs and copies of score sheets from the Club Championship are posted here.

Guy Fuhrman at the Community Chess Club Championship.  Nov. 4th, 2015.

Click here to see the tournament rating report from the USCF


The 19th Annual Community Chess Club Championship concludes tonight!

Community Chess Club Championship, Round #5 - Nov. 4, 2015 (Final Round)
If you are unable to play a round, please notify the tournament director as early as possible by calling the Chess Center at 585-442-2430 as early as possible. This is greatly appreciated.
A no-show forfeit removes the player from the tournament.  Zero-point byes are available.
Players: Please see Mike Lionti to submit a PGN file or to have a photocopy made of your chess game so it can be posted online. 

Join us for PIZZA tonight at 6pm, Nov 4th at the Chess Center.

Stay after the final game ends for a group photo.

See previous posts for game collections and the photo gallery.