Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tournaments and activities: Apr. 1-30, 2014

Apr 30th: Wed. Community Chess Club of Rochester Game Results:

Glasser 1-0 Olekysn
Lionti 1/2-1/2 Strazzabosco
McBride 0-1 Brown
Worl 0-1 Chadwick
Runnells 1-0 Attaya
Stubblebine 1/2-1/2 Ksiazek
Scrubb 1-0 Trowbridge
Saweikis 1-0 Larsen
Birmingham 0-1 Spencer

FM Isay Golyak (left) and World Champion Mikhail Tal, circa 1960's.
FM Isay Golyak playing today (April 26, 2014) at the Rochester Chess Center.

Apr 26th: Saturday Morning Youth Tournament Final Standings:
1st Place: Jack Olander (trophy winner) with 2 points.
2nd Place: Sathya Mandava with 1 point.
3rd Place: Vlad Bondar.

Jack Olander (left) won the chess tournament today at the Rochester Chess Center's Youth tournament.  Sathya Mandava (right) took second place.

Here are some photos from today's Saturday Adult Tournament:

Round 1: Jacob Chen (left) won his game with Pranav Senthil Kumar. Arjun Patel analyzes the chess position in the background.
Round 2: Richard Motroni (front left) won his game with Reuben Donar. FM Isay Golyak (rear left) drew his game with Doug Spencer.

1st Place: Justin Regner (trophy winner) with four points.
2nd Place: Eric Liu, Jason Niu, and Toby Thompson with 3 points each.
3rd Place: Jade Regner, Michael Niu, Thomas Kwon and Blake Liu with 2 points each.
4th Place: Rick Zhou, Keefer Zhou, and Matt Willard with 1 point each.
5th Place: Jalynn Regner and Franklin Jones

Apr 12th: Saturday Morning Youth Tournament Final Standings: 
1st Place: Franklin Jones (trophy winner), and Thomas Kwon both with perfect scores.
2nd Place: Ben Buyer with 4 points.
3rd Place: Daniel Saedi with 3 points.
4th Place: Josiah Lowtan with 2 1/2 points.
5th Place: Kai Patrone, Kameron Torrey, Alex Glase, Alex Ignatovets, Brennan Lyon and Sathya Mandava with 2 points each.
6th Place: Vlad Bondar and Ben Kasap with 1 1/2 points each.
7th Place: Tim Buonaugroio, Tucker Seablom, and Nathan Seablom with 1 point each.
8th place:  Adam Pacana with 1/2 point