Thursday, April 21, 2022

42nd Annual Marchand - GM Bryan Smith & IM Jason Liang tied for 1st Place

This year's 42nd Annual Marchand was held in Rochester, NY at the Bill Gray's Iceplex.  125 players participated in the tournament across 4 sections: Open, U1800, U1400 and U1000.  In addition to our local Rochester chess players, we had a very large group from Buffalo and Syracuse.  The tournament included two Grand Masters: GM Bryan Smith and GM Mark Paragua, and one International Master: IM Jason Lang.  GM Bryan Smith and IM Jason Liang tied for 1st Place.  This year, the total prize fund was a huge $17,000. The 2022 Marchand Open was the largest tournament in size and total prizes in Western New York.  If you were not able to play in this year's Marchand, we hope you will next year!

Here's a link to the USCF rating report.

Here is a full breakdown of the prizes awarded in each section along with the standings:

The view of the Iceplex from the stands.

Ron Lohrman (at left) awards John Luger with his U2000 prize check.

Howard Decker (at left) gets 2 minutes in the penalty box
for blundering!  Chief TD Ken McBride stands by.

GM Mark Paragua (at left, USCF Rating 2556) won his game against
Christopher Shen (USCF Rating 2411) in the final round on Sunday.

Eric Worl (at left, USCF Rating 2063) won his game against
Tom Warner (USCF Rating 1819) in the final round on Sunday.

The tournament was organized by Ron Lohrman of the Rochester Chess Center. The tournament directors were Ken McBride (Chief), Ron Lohrman and Mike Lionti.

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