Sunday, March 25, 2018

GM Alexander Fishbein wins Marchand 2018 with 4.5 points

Grandmaster Alexander Fishbein and Master Lev Paciorkowski  play on board #1 in the Open.

The biggest chess event in the Western NY area was even bigger this year, with more than 150 players, and an Open Section that was bursting with players.  It was a full-house at the Strong Museum with players and spectators enjoying some of the greatest chess games to see all year in Rochester, NY.

At high-stakes tournaments like this, chess players in all sections play extra hard and it is not only the prizes on the line, but also the prestige. And, this was a special year, the 40th Marchand.

Dan Burnside compiled a very nice set of photographs which can be viewed individually, or as part of a picture movie.  Here are the links:

Slideshow (low resolution) provided by Dan Burnside - Click here. - coming soon

Slideshow (high resolution) provided by Dan Burnside - Click here. - coming soon

FIDE rating report link coming soon for the Open section.

40th Annual Marchand 2018 Results:

1st - Alexander Fishbein
2nd thru 5th - Alexander Shabalov, Holden Hernandez, Sergei Kudrin, Artiom Samsonkin
6th - Fidel Corrales Jimenez, Azarov, Aleksandr Ostrovsky, Lev Paciorkowski, Eugene Hua, Daniel He, Ben Dean-Kawamura

1st:Kevin Roulhac
2nd-5th: Martha Samadashvili, Stephen Capp, Clif Kharroubi, Michael Opaska, Owen Shriver

Dorian Kang, Tomasz Bazani

1st thru 2nd - Chris Darling, Jonathan D'Alonzo
3rd: Aaron Gindi, Ferdinand Supsup, Peter Agok, Sam Cherin, Dale Janezic

1st thru 2nd - Aidan Kharroubi, Arianna Kharroubi, Michelle Hua

1st thru 2nd - Steve Baer, Mauri Miettinen
3rd: Dan Pike, Matthew O'Heron, Abraham Porschet

1st - Grant Glor
2nd - Jacob Chung
3rd - Langston Woods, Henry Swing, Joseph Orozco, Sebastian Dankner, Dr. Edward Arnold, Jonathan Carmina

1st thru 2nd - Henry Liu, Griffin Monrad, Thomas Auld, Naji Anaizi

This year's 40th Marchand was organized by the Rochester Chess Center, under the direction of Ronald Lohrman and Ken McBride and assistant Mike Lionti.

We hope to see YOU at the 41st Annual Marchand next year!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Rochester's Biggest Chess Event: The Annual Marchand Tournament

Portrait of Dr. Erich Watkinson Marchand displayed at the Rochester Chess Center

The 40th Year - Don't miss it!

March 17-18th

At the Strong National Museum of Play, One Manhattan Square, Rochester, NY

The Strong Museum of Play, Downtown Rochester, NY

Tournament Life Announcement (TLA):
A Heritage Event!
US Chess Junior Grand Prix!
MAR. 17-18   40th Annual Marchand Open
Dr. Erich Marchand "requested that his friends play chess in his memory." 5SS, G/115 d5. Location: Strong National Museum of Play, One Manhattan Square, Rochester, NY 14607. $16,440 Gtd. Open Section: $3000- 2000-1300-800-500-300. Under 2200 & U2000 each $750-450. FIDE Rated. EF: $85. U1800 Section: $1100-750-450. Under 1600 $750-450. EF: $70. U1400 Section: $500-300-200. Under 1200 $300-200. EF: $60. U1000 Section: $400-250-160. Under 800 $200-130. EF: $50. Unrated players in the U1800 section can only win $375, in U1400 $175 & U1000 $125. No limit in Open. Balance to next prize winners. EF refunded and $100 appearance award to all GM and IM if paid by 3/5/2018. All EF add $20 after 3/5/2018. NYSCA members deduct $3. All sections USCF rated. Ratings as in March Supplement. Bring sets, boards, and clocks – none provided. Food court and chess books & equipment sales available onsite. No smoking allowed on The Strong campus. Free parking. Reg.: 8:30-9:15am. Rds.: Sat. 10-2:15-6:30, Sun. 10-2:15. One 1/2 point bye available in rds. 1, 2, 3, or 4 if requested at entry. Optional first round Friday, 3/16/2018 at 7pm played at Rochester Chess Center (register by 6:30pm). Info: 585-442-2430. Mail entry to: Rochester Chess Center, 221 Norris Dr., Rochester, NY 14610. Web: Store: