Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This week's tournaments and activities: Feb. 24 - Mar. 2, 2014

REMINDER: The 36th Annual Marchand Open is quickly approaching. Sign up soon!

36th Annual Marchand Open - March 8-9, 2014

 There are now 6 GMs on the list of players: Kekhelidze, Kudrin, Kamsky, Ivanov, Paragua and Lenderman.

Feb. 26th: Wednesday Community Chess Club of Rochester at 7:30pm
Results (click for USCF ratings page):
Lionti, M 1/2-1/2 Runnells, M
Kehoe, W 1/2-1/2 Ahmed, J
Klug, B 1-0 Chapman, T
Wagner, C 1/2-1/2 Iosevich, A
Saweikis, C 1-0 Eckert, M
Phelps,D 1-0 Strazzaboso, J
Phillips, P 0-1 Spencer, D
Carter, P 1-0 Patel, A
Cherin, S 1-0 Stubblebine, D
De Riso, M 1-0 Connelly, M

Here are some photos from the Wednesday games. We had 20 players tonight:
Marcelo G. De Riso (left) won his game against Mike Connelly in a very interesting game.

Arjun Patel (left) played a terrific game, but lost to Peter Carter.

Don Stubblebine (left rear) lost a titantic battle in his game against Sam Cherin.
Mike Lionti (front left, not shown) drew his game against Mike Runnells, with no pieces left on the board, except for the kings.

Mar. 1st: Saturday kids (10am) and adult tournament (2pm)

Mar 1st: Saturday Morning Youth Tournament Final Standings:  
1st Place: Erich Snell with 7 points and trophy winner!
2nd Place: Dale Janezis with 5 points.
3rd Place: Joshua Iosevich with 3 points.
4th Place: Aidan Kharroubi and Arianna Kharroubi with 2 points each.
5th Place: Nathan Girnius and Revathi Meka with 1 point each.
6th Place: Xavier Zayas and Vladimir Bondar with 1/2 point each.
7th Place: Evan Peterson. 

Dale Janezis (left) vs Aidan Kharrobui.

Arianna Kharroubi (left) vs Erich Snell.

Adam DeSantis (aka Mr. Chess) played a game for fun with Joshua Iosevich.

Today's Youth Tournament Champion Erich Snell celebrated with his chess buddies.

Mar. 8-9th: Marchand Open Chess Tournament
Mar. 22nd: 9th Annual Women's Invitational chess tournament at Rochester Chess Center
Mar. 31st: Spring Chess League at the Rochester Chess Center (Register by 6:30pm)
Apr. 14-18: Spring Break Chess Camp
Call 585-442-2430 for details

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