Thursday, January 9, 2014

This week's tournament results: January 5-12, 2014 PLUS Audio & Video

This has been a very cold week in Rochester! But, that did not suspend the chess games that were scheduled for the new Winter Chess League this past Monday, and then Wednesday night Community Chess Club of Rochester. There are some audio and video links in this blog post, so don't forget to check those out.

Rochester Chess Center's Monday Night Winter Chess League - Round 1:
Badamo 0-1 Shriver
McMahon 0-1 Lambert
Dery 1-0 Neil Parry
Coltrain 1-0 Kolaczyk
Luce 0-1 Phelps
Ahmed 1/2 - 1/2 Blake Gianniny
Rubenstein 1-0 Frearson
Lionti 1/2 - 1/2 Bruce Gianniny
M Gianniny 1/2 - 1/2 Chalifour
Furhrman 1-0 Dewey
Exhibition Game: Connelly 1-0 Hofer

Mike Runnells (left) won a spectacular game against Mike Connelly Wednesday night.

Wednesday Night Community Chess Club of Rochester (CCCR):
Tapaszto 0-1 Cunningham
Runnells 1-0 Connelly
Glasser 1-0 Spencer
Attaya 0-1 Saweikis
Lionti 1-0 Worl
Dewey 0-1 Trent

And for something FUN:

Here is the first of several installments of CBS Radio Mystery theatre productions that you can listen to and enjoy which feature CHESS as part of the plot. I will post a new one every week. Enjoy!

The first mystery title is THE CHESS MASTER:
"An uneventful game of chess with a stranger in the park leads to a world of adventure for an out-of-work advertising agent."
Click on the Cat to listen to THE CHESS MASTER

According to Wikipedia:  
CBS Radio Mystery Theater (a.k.a. Radio Mystery Theater and Mystery Theater, sometimes abbreviated as CBSRMT) was a radio drama series created by Himan Brown that was broadcast on CBS Radio Network affiliates from 1974 to 1982, and later in the early 2000s was carried by the NPR satellite feed.


And, for something NEW !! 

The Rochester Chess Center's Introduction to Chess:

Click on the above picture to watch the video CHESS MATCH #1

Chess Match #1

Published on Nov 12, 2013
First episode of Chess Match, new instructional chess show with instructor Ken McBride, guest instructors David Petty, Ryan Horst, James Hiltunen, Wendy Rifeng, Ron Lohrman, and David Phelps, and chess clubs & chess competitions from all over Rochester. Learn chess from the matches themselves, and about the people who love chess, young and old. This episode includes board setup and how the pieces move, an introduction to the time clock, a beginners match between Catherine Healy & Katherine Stein, a Tip of the Match, an intermediate players match between John Healy & Krish Thakkar, another Tip of the Match, the Benefit of the Day, and some bughouse from the Rochester Chess Center, the primary sponsor.

Check back here every week for another episode! Enjoy!

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