Friday, January 17, 2014

This week's tournament results: January 13-19, 2014 PLUS Audio & Video

Jan 15th: Wednesday Night Community Chess Club of Rochester (CCCR):
McBride 1-0 NM Tapaszto
Stubblebine 1-0 Saweikis
Chadwick 1-0 Runnells
Crosby 1-0 Dewey
Spencer 1-0 Fuhrman

Jan 18th: Saturday Morning Youth Tournament Final Standings:
The Youth tournament today was held at the India Community Center

1st Place: Joseph Riccardi

Next week's Youth tournament will be held at Mendon Center Elementary. Call 442-2430 for more information.

Today, we had a visiting chess player from Paris, France: Joseph Binet. His mother (author, Pauline) and father (photographer, Guillaume) are writing a book containing interviews with book authors from around North America. 

Joseph Binet (left, 11 years-old with ELO 1560) took 2nd place in the Chess Championship of Paris

We have some interesting web sites by Joseph's father Guillaume:

Visitors are ALWAYS welcome at the Rochester Chess Center! 
We wish Joseph and his family good luck on their journey!

Here are some photos from today's tournament:
Doug Spencer (left) and Joseph Binet
John Manning (left) and Joseph Binet
Lev Paciorkowski (left) and Patrick Chernjavsky
Tom Riccardi (left) and Abe Glasser (United States Deaf Champion)
Joseph Binet (left) and Samuel Liu
Guillaume Binet (left) and his son Joseph Binet

And for something to enjoy listening to:
Here is the next CBS Radio Mystery theater production that you can listen to and enjoy which features CHESS as part of the plot. Enjoy! 

The title is Your Move, Mr. Ellers
"Chess seems the perfect foil for a sophisticated jewel thief. An insurance investigator looks into the theft of several diamonds and other jewels from a jeweler. A stolen emerald and a game of chess lead him to look into the lives of three supsects: an employee; a long time member at the jewelry store; and a fence. Every character in this story is a chess fan."

Click on the Cat to listen to YOUR MOVE, MR. ELLERS

And, for something NEW !! 

The Rochester Chess Center's Introduction to Chess:

Chess Match #2

Published on Nov 11, 2013
Second episode of Chess Match teaches chess from a beginners match between Catherine Healy & Katherine Stein, and an intermediate players matchbetween Krish Thakkar & John Healy. Tips of the Match for each game, and more Benefits of the Day. The Victor High School Chess Club is featured at the end of the episode. Episode #2 of Chess Match, an instructional video series airing in New York and featuring instructor Ken McBride and guest instructors David Petty, Ryan Horst, James Hiltunen, Wendy Xia, Ron Lohrman and David Phelps. And featuring chess clubs and competitions from around Upstate New York. Whether you are a beginner or advanced player or have never played chess, or are a parent of a player or would-be player, you will find something for you here. Dispelling all the myths about chess being too complicated or intimidating or uninteresting. We show blitz game and bughouse game variations. We list all the great benefits of gaming in chess. With instruction coming directly from the matches, we have a Tip of the Match for every game and a Tip of the Day for every episode. Watch to see how, what, and why. New episodes every month with new players. See if your team, your club or your school, friends or acquaintances are on this episode.

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