Saturday, January 4, 2014

This week's tournament results: January 2-4, 2014

There's "snow-way" you can stop chess players from playing chess no matter what the weather!
At the Community Chess Club of Rochester's (CCCR) Thursday night club meeting, we had 6 fearless chess players show up during the freezing cold Rochester snowstorm.

From left to right: Daniel Johnston, Adam DeSantis, Ken McBride, Abe Glasser, Mike Lionti (holding the camera) and Neil Parry (not pictured) arrived for the weekly chess battles. Ice, snow and extreme cold can't hold back these chess players!

Here are the CCCR results for Thursday Jan. 2nd:

Abe Glasser won against Adam DeSantis
Mike Lionti and Neil Parry drew
Daniel Johnston won against Ken McBride
Adam DeSantis (left) contemplates the game position while Abe Glasser ponders his next move.

Here are the CHESS CAMP USCF-rated game results for Friday Jan. 3rd:

Franklin Jones drew Tierra Cherelin
Spencer Dworkin lost against Brendon Bennett
Pahz Cherelin lost to Chess Camp Counselor David Phelps 

Here are the Saturday tournament results for Saturday Jan. 4th:

Saturday Morning Youth Tournament Final Standings:
1st: Arianna Kharroubi with 4 points (Trophy winner)
2nd: Franklin Jones and Toby Thompson with 2 points each
3rd: Aidan Kharroubi with 1 point
4th: Revathi Meka

3rd Round: NM Laszlo Tapaszto (left) from Caracas Venezula played in the Adult tournament today. Laszlo played a strong game, but lost to Samuel Liu.
3rd Round: Peter Killinger (left) lost the chess battle in a fine game against Jamshed Ahmed.
3rd Round: Arjun Ganesh (left) won a nice game against Jennifer Thompson.

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