Sunday, March 31, 2019

My Best Games: Attacking the King!

Although I'll admit my preferred style is to grind opponents down in an endgame, if given the opportunity, I won't back away from launching a good attack against your king! Here are three memorable examples where I did just that to ensure a quick victory.

Example 1: Piece sacrifice to remove pawn shelter

This was a game I played as an expert at a weekend tournament here at the chess center. In the opening I had sacrificed a pawn but in return made it very difficult for my opponent to develop his queenside. I used my extra piece activity to launch an attack against the king, who lacked defense from the dormant rook and bishop on the queenside.

Example 2: Using pawns to provoke weaknesses

In this more recent game, I first throw a pawn into the enemy camp to cause some disruption before sacrificing a piece to open up lines.

Example 3: Pushing the h-pawn to create a lock on the enemy king

When the king has castled into a fianchetto formation that lacks that all-important fianchetto bishop, there is always the potential to create a "lock" on the king by advancing the rook pawn. Here we see that at work: after my pawn gets to h3 white's king is locked down and constantly faces getting mated on g2.

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