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Tournaments and Activities: Sept. 1 - Oct. 31, 2014

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Webster Kehoe 

is the new Community Chess Club Champion!

2nd Place: Jamshed Ahmed
3rd Place: Randy MacKenzie
4th Place: Abe Glasser
U2000 - David Campbell
U1800 - Sam Cherin
U1500 - Brian Jesse
U1200 - Mike Connelly

U1000 - Guy Furhrman

Games and Photos in the Results Section of this post.

Activities Coming Up:

Fall Chess Camp Dates:

Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! 
Nov. 11th Veterans Day
Nov. 28th Thanksgiving Day-After
Dec. 22, 23, 24, 26, 29, 30, 31 Christmas
Jan. 2 New Years Break
Call the Rochester Chess Center at 585-442-2430 for details.

Mondays:  Fall Chess League at the Rochester Chess Center - See schedule below. (G/90d5 for boards 2 and below. G/90+30 for board 1).

First four Wednesdays in October: 18th Annual Club Championship at the Rochester Chess Center - See schedule below. Rated games also available for people not playing in the championship.

Wednesdays: Community Chess Club or Rochester games at the Rochester Chess Center. Registration: 6:45pm-7:15pm. Games begin at 7:30pm. $5 non-members. $3 members. (G/80d5).

Chili Chess Club meets Thursday, Oct. 23 3:30-5:00 at the Chili Library - Organized by Adam DeSantis and Fred Mellender.

Every Friday: Friday Night Blitz Chess at the Rochester Chess Center. 7pm to 9:30pm. $6 entry fee, format determined by # of entries. (G/5d0).

Every SaturdayYouth tournament 10am-1pm G/30d5 and Adult tournament (G/60d5) 2pm at the Rochester Chess Center - Register by 1:45pm. 

Stop by to watch or play, 221 Norris Drive, Rochester, NY 14610. 585-442-2430.

The 18 Annual Community Chess Club Championship will be held October 1, 8, 15 and 22 at the Rochester Chess Center. Save these dates! If you're not a member yet, we welcome you to join our excellent chess club!  We will give out AWARDS and celebrate with cake on Nov. 5th!
Community Chess Club Championship: Round 4 Preliminary Pairings:

Here is the official CCCR Championship tournament announcement:

October 4th: 19th Annual Arkport Open in Arkport, NY 
Organizer: Fred Harris
Tournament director: Ron Lohrman
Van transportation: Sign up at the Chess Center to get a ride to the event

Organizers: Ken Frieden (Email: for Info.) & Bill Goichberg
Van transportation: Sign up at the Chess Center to get a ride and find a friend to share costs for a hotel room at the event (only 1 1/2 hour drive from Rochester). The Chess Center's Van leaves Saturday morning, Oct. 18th at 8am sharp! Register for the tournament at

December 17th: Annual CCCR Holiday Party - food/beverages & chess - at the Rochester chess Center

March 14th-15th: 37th Annual Marchand Open 2015 at the Strong Museum, Rochester, NY.

The Rochester Chess Center is looking for feedback for adding another day/night of chess play during the weekdays/weekend. Players can also suggest possible time controls. Surveys are at the chess center. For more information, contact Ron Lohrman at the Chess Center: 585-442-2430, or stop by in-person: 221 Norris Drive, Rochester, NY 14610.

Bobby Fischer, 1960.

3-player chess set.

October 29th: Wed. Community Chess Club of Rochester:
G/80d5: Click Here for game results.

Background: Howard Decker (left) won his game with Guy Fuhrman.
Front: Chuck Saweikis (left) drew his game with Blaze Veljovski.
Abraham Glasser (right) played a simultaneous against Bob Talbot (background) and Howard Ebersman.
Abraham won both games.

1st Place: Jason Niu (trophy winner) and Michael Niu with 3 points each.
2nd Place: Edward Hofmeister with 2 points.
3rd Place: Vladimir Bondar with 1.5 points.
4th Place: Maia Casamayor -Taylor and Sam Scarantino with 1 point each.
5th Place: Revathi Meka with .5 points
6th Place: Kenny Frankovich

Community Chess Club Championship: Round 4 Photos and Results:

News: Webster Kehoe becomes the new CHAMPION with a perfect score of 4 points!
Congratulations to Webster Kehoe!

Webster Kehoe scored 4 points in the championship.

More info, games and photos will be added throughout the day.

Last night, we started the final round with only two players with 3 points: Abe Glasser and Webster Kehoe. However, there were also several players with 2.5 points which could have possibly entered a tie-break situation had Abe and Webster obtained a draw. But, that was not the case! In time pressure, Webster Kehoe took a winning position and converted it to his 4th point in the championship tournament! Webster Kehoe is the new club champion!

Final standings:
1st - Webster Kehoe - club champion
2nd - Jamshed Ahmed
3rd - Randy MacKenzie
4th - Abe Glasser
U2000 - David Campbell
U1800 - Sam Cherin
U1500 - Brian Jesse
U1200 - Mike Connelly
U1000 - Guy Fuhrman

Defending club champion Abe Glasser took 4th place in the championship.

 Click here for more photos from the tournament

Here is the cross-table from the championship:

Round 4: Webster Kehoe 1-0 Abraham Glasser
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 e6 4.Bxc6 bxc6 5.O-O d5 6.d3 f6 7.e5 Qc7 8.Bf4 Ne7 9.Bg3 f5 10.Nc3 Ng6 11.Qd2 Be7 12.Na4 O-O 13.Bf4 Rb8 14.c4 Nxf4 15.Qxf4 h6 16.h4 Kh7 17.g3 Bd7 18.Kg2 g6 19.b3 d4 20.Rh1 Qd8 21.Rh2 Kg7 22.Rah1 Qc7 23.Rh3 Rf7 24.R3h2 Rh8 25.Rh3 Qd8 26.R3h2 Rff8 27.Qc1 f4 28.g4 h5 29.g5 Rf5 30.Kh3 Bxg5 31.hxg5 Rxg5 32.Nxg5 Qxg5 33.Rg2 Qf5+ 34.Kh2 Qxe5 35.Qe1 Qd6 36.Rg5 Kf6 37.Rhg1 f3+ 38.Kh1 Qf4 39.Rxg6+ Kf7 40.R1g3 e5 41.Qe4 Bf5 42.Qxf4 exf4 

Round 4: Cliff Kharroubi 0-1 Jamshed Ahmed

A large group of Rochester chess players are participating in this tournament. The Chess Center is providing transportation to and from the event.

Open Section Results (local players): 1st Place Josh Rofrano 4 points!!! 2nd place David Phelps and Jacob Chen 3.5 points, Lev Paciorkowski 3 points, David Campbell 2 points, Daniel Johnston 1 point.

U1900 Section Results (local players): 2nd Place Jamshed Ahmed 3 points, Pranav Senthil Kumar 1.5 points.

U1500 Section Results (local players): Matt Eckert 3 points, Arjun Ganesh 2.5 points, Thomas Kwon 2 points.

1st Place: Andrew Guo (trophy winner) with 3 points.
2nd Place: Aidan Kharroubi, Arianna Kharroubi, Dale Janezic and Jason Niu with 2 points each.
3rd Place: Evan Peterson, Michael Niu and Revathi Meka with 1 point each.
4th Place: Vladimir Bondar

Andrew Guo was today's trophy winner!
Andrew Guo (left) played Aidan Kharroubi.
Dale Janezic (left front) played Michael Niu.

October 18: Saturday Afternoon Adult Tournament Final Standings: 

John Manning (left) played Jim Attaya in the final round today.

Community Chess Club Championship: Round 3 Photos and Results:
News: Defending Champion Abe Glasser and Webster Kehoe have 3 points, going into the FINAL round!
Preliminary 4th round pairings are posted above.

It was another fine evening of superb chess at the Rochester chess Center. This week, we had another full house of players participating in the 18th Annual Community Chess Club of Rochester Championship. On the top boards, Abe Glasser continued to defend his title, and Wilson H.S. chess team player Webster Kehoe won his game. They are now the only two players with 3 points, entering the final round next Wednesday. We were happy to see many visitors to the club tonight, including David Hayes and Mike Kehoe, the coach for the Wilson H.S. team.

Ron Lohrman (tournament director) and Mike Lionti (tournament organizer) have teamed up for all 18 events over these last 18 years. Every year, this tournament is the highlight of chess competition in the chess club. We are very happy with the excellent participation again this year, and we hope chess continues to grow in Rochester, NY. 

A cross-table of the event will be posted over the weekend, along with the final round preliminary pairings.

Abraham Glasser vs David Campbell, Wednesday night championship round 3
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.Nf3 b6 5.Bg5 Bb7 6.e3 h6 7.Bh4 g5 8.Bg3 Ne4 9.Rc1 Bxc3+ 10.bxc3 Nxg3 11.hxg3 d6 12.d5 Nd7 13.dxe6 fxe6 14.Nd4 Qf6 15.Qh5+ Ke7 16.Qe2 Raf8 17.g4 Nc5 18.f3 Qe5 19.Rh3 Na4 20.g3 Qa5 21.Nb3 Bxf3 22.Nxa5 Bxe2 23.Kxe2 bxa5 24.Bg2 Rb8 25.Rc2 Rb2 26.Rxb2 Nxb2 27.c5 d5 28.e4 Na4 29.exd5 Nxc3+ 30.Kd3 Nxd5 31.Bxd5 exd5 32.Kd4 c6 33.Ke5 Rh7 34.Rh1 Kd7 35.Kf6 Re7 36.Rxh6 Re6+ 37.Kxg5 Rxh6 38.Kxh6 Ke6 39.g5 Kf7 40.Kh7 1-0

Abe Glasser (right) won a very close game with David Campbell.
With both players in time pressure, Webster Kehoe held on to win against David Phelps.
Mike Connelly (left) won his game against Thomas Kwon.

 Click here for more photos from the tournament
Click here for more photos from the 18th Annual CCCR Championship.

With a total of $1,000,000 in prizes, the Millionaire Chess Open is the highest-stakes open chess tournament in history.

1st Place: Arianna Kharroubi (trophy winner), Dale Janezic and Andrew Guo with 3 points each.
2nd Place: Aidan Kharroubi with 1 point.
3rd Place: Vlad Bondar and Revathi Meka.

Community Chess Club Championship: Round 2 Photos and Results:

Alex Iosevich vs Jim Trowbridge, Wednesday night championship round 2
[Event "Community Chess Club of Rochester Ch"]
[Date "2014.10.08"]
[Round "2"]
[White "Iosevich, Alex"]
[Black "Trowbridge, Jim"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]
[ECO "D41"]

1. d4 Nf6 2. e3 c5 3. Nf3 e6 4. c4 d5 5. Nc3 Nc6 6. cxd5 Nxd5 7. Nxd5 exd5 8. dxc5 Bxc5 9. Be2 O-O 10. O-O Bf5 11. a3 a6 12. b4 Be7 13. Bb2 Qd6 14. Nd4 Nxd4 15. Bxd4 Rfd8 16. Qb3 Rac8 17. Rac1 Rxc1 18. Rxc1 Bf6 19. Qb2 Bxd4 20. Qxd4 h6 21. Bf3 Be4 22. Bxe4 dxe4 23. Rd1 Qxd4 24. Rxd4 Rc8 25. Kf1 Rc1+ 26. Ke2 Ra1 27. Rxe4 Ra2+ 28. Kf3 Kf8 29. g4 g5 1/2-1/2

Doug Spencer vs Abraham Glasser, wednesday night championship round 2
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 e5 5.Nb5 a6 6.Nd6+ Bxd6 7.Qxd6 Qf6 8.Qd1 Nge7 9.Nc3 O-O 10.Be3 Qg6 11.Qd2 f5 12.f3 fxe4 13.fxe4 d6 14.O-O-O Bg4 15.Bc4+ Kh8 16.Rdf1 b5 17.Bd3 Nb4 18.Kb1 Nxd3 19.Qxd3 b4 20.Nd5 Nxd5 21.Qxd5 Be6 22.Qd3 Rxf1+ 23.Rxf1 Qxg2 24.Rg1 Qh3 25.Bb6 Qxd3 26.cxd3 Rc8 27.Ba5 b3 28.axb3 Bxb3 29.Bc3 Kg8 30.d4 exd4 31.Bxd4 Bc2+ 32.Ka2 g6 33.b3 Bxe4 34.Re1 d5 35.Be5 Re8 36.Bg3 g5 37.Rc1 Re6 38.Ka3 d4 39.Rc8+ Kf7 40.Rd8 d3 41.Rd4 Kf6 42.Bf2 Kf5 0-1


1st Place: Franklin Jones (trophy winner) and Andrew Kinard with 3 points.
2nd Place: Dale Janezic and Graham Mosmann with 2 points each.
3rd Place: Gavin Ng and Revathi Mekia with 1.5 point each.
4th place: Lucas Ng and Vlad Bondar with .5 point each.

Arjun Ganesh (left) gained valuable experience today playing FM Isay Golyak.

October 1st: Community Chess Club of Rochester:
Community Chess Club Championship: Round 1 Photos and Results:

We will give out AWARDS and celebrate with cake on Nov. 5th!

[Event "CCCR Championship 2014"]
[Site "Rochester Chess Center"]
[Date "2014.10.01"]
[Round "1"]
[White "Abraham Glasser"]
[Black "David Worl"]
[Result "1-0"]

1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Nf3 Bf5 5. Bg5 e6 
6. e3 Nb8d7 7. Be2 Bd6 8. O-O Qc7 9. c5 Be7 10. Bf4 Qd8 
11. Nh4 Bg6 12. Nxg6 hxg6 13. b4 Nh5 14. Bg3 Bh4 15. Bxh5 Rxh5 
16. f4 Ke7 17. Qf3 Nf6 18. Ra1d1 Qh8 19. Bxh4 Rxh4 20. h3 Qh7 
21. Qg3 Rh8 22. f5 Ne8 23. fxe6 f6 24. Qb8 Rxh3 25. Qxb7+  1-0

1st Place: Jason Niu (trophy winner) with 4 points.
2nd Place: Michael Niu with 2 points.
3rd Place: Andrew Guo and Graham Mosmann with 1 point each.
4th place: Vlad Bondar

34 players came for chess tonight!

Dale Janezic won the trophy today!  Sept. 20, 2014.

1st Place: Dale Janezic (trophy winner) and Andrew Guo with 2.5 points each
2nd Place: Vlad Bondar and Graham Mosmann with 1 point each
3rd Place: Revathi Meka
FM Isay Golyak in round #1 vs. Rich Motroni.  Sept. 20, 2014.
Doug Spencer (left) drew with Ben Chernjavsky.  Sept. 20, 12014.

1st Place: Josh Rofrano and Pranav Senthil Kumar with 3 points each
*** The USCF computed Pranav Senthil Kumar's performance rating to be 2416! ***
2nd Place: FM Isay Golyak with 2.5 points
U2000: Owen Shriver and Daniel Johnston with 2 points each
U1850: Richard Motroni and John Westwig with 1 point each
U1600: Ben Chernjavsky and Kevin Pierce with 1 point each

Front Left: Thomas Kwon and Mike Connelly
Middle Left: Ken McBride and Pranav Senthil Kumar
Sept. 17, 2014.
Front Left: Bill Pollifrone and Harold Ebersman
Middle Left: Blaze Veljovski and Gerry Birmingham
Sept. 17, 2014.

David Jouppi 1-0 Howard Decker
Matt Eckert 1-0 Mike Runnells
Gerry Birmingham 0-1 Blaze Veljovski
Mike Connelly 0-1 Thomas Kwon
Harold Ebersman 1/2-1/2 Bill Pollifrone
Bob Talbot 0-1 Daniel Chadwick
Doug Spencer 1-0 Daniel Johnston
Alex Iosevich 1/2-1/2 Don Stubblebine
Pranav Senthil kumar 0-1 Ken McBride
David Phelps 1-0 Jamshed Ahmed
G/80d5 Simul:
Jim Attaya 1/2-1/2 David Worl
Jim Attaya 0-1 Mike Lionti
Sherman Cunningham 0-1 John Manning

1st Place: Arianna Kharroubi (trophy winner), Aidan Kharroubi, Thomas Kwon, and Jason Niu with 3 points each.
2nd Place: Michael Niu and Graham Mosmann with 2 points each
3rd Place: Andrew Guo and Vlad Bondar with 1 point each
4th place: Shah Ahmed

Elijah Liflyand (left) played an exciting game
with Daniel Johnston.  Sept. 10, 2014.
Tony Badamo (left) won a titanic battle with
Don Stubblebine. Sept. 10, 2014.

Elijah Liflyand 1-0 Daniel Johnston
Don Stubblebine 0-1 Tony Badamo
David Worl 1-0 Gerry Birmingham
Gerry Birmingham 0-1 David Worl
Bob Talbot 1-0 Mike Lionti
Jim Attaya 1-0 Chuck Saweikis
Bill Pollifrone 1-0 Thomas Kwon
Mike Runnells 1-0 Brian Jesse
Matt Eckert 0-1 Blaze Veljovski
G/80d5 Simul:
Chris Brown 1/2-1/2 Alex Iosevich
Chris Brown 0-1 Pranav Senthil kumar
Jamshed Ahmed 1-0 John Manning
John Manning 0-1 Jamshed Ahmed

Results from NYS 136th Annual Championship 2014

Pahz Cherelin gets ready for his next chess match.

Abe Glasser stands with the Championship trophy.

  September 6th: Saturday Morning Youth Tournament Final Standings: 
Revathi Meka played Andrew Guo.  Sept. 6, 2014.

Andrew Guo (with trophy held over his head) was today's trophy winner!

1st Place: Andrew Guo (trophy winner) with 3 points.
2nd Place: John Rutecki and Andrew Kinard with 2.5 points each.
3rd Place: Thomas Kwon and Graham Mosmann with 2 points each.
4th Place: Revathi Meka and Rihanshi Agrawal with 1 point each.
5th Place: Kai Petrone

September 6th: Saturday Afternoon Adult Tournament Final Standings:

Matthieu Chalifour (right) had a very nice game with Derek Linton.  
The USCF computed Matthieu's performance rating to be 2110 !!!!  Sept. 6, 2014.

David Worl stands with the NYS Championship trophy.

David Campbell 1/2-1/2 Elijah Liflyand
Brian Jesse 1-0 Mike Connelly
David Worl 1-0 Keith Kolaczyk (USCF expired!)
Isthier Chaudhury 1-0 Alex Iosevich
Howard Decker 1-0 Jason DeJesus
Sherman Cunningham 0-1 Howard Ebersman
Daniel Johnston 1-0 Bill Pollifrone
Jim Trowbridge 0-1 Samuel Liu
Doug Spencer 0-1 Bob Talbot
Gerry Birmingham 0-1 Don Stubblebine
Don Stubblebine 1-0 Gerry Birmingham
Chuck Saweikis 1-0 Mike Runnells
Thomas Kwon 1/2-1/2 Mike Lionti
Jamshed Ahmed 1-0 John Manning
John Manning 0-1 Jamshed Ahmed

Community Chess Club Officers:

President - Donald Stubblebine
Vice-President: Douglas Spencer
Treasurer & Web Publisher: Michael Lionti
 Secretaries: David Worl and Ken McBride
Contact # 585-442-2430
Address: 221 Norris Drive, Rochester, NY 14610

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