Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tournaments and Activities: Aug. 1-31, 2014

Summer Chess Camp Dates:

Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! 
Week 8 Aug 25-29
Call the Rochester Chess Center at 585-442-2430 for details.

Tournament Results are listed after Activities...

Activities Coming Up:

Stop by to watch or play, 221 Norris Drive, Rochester, NY 14610. 585-442-2430.

Aug 28th: Thursday evening BUG HOUSE !!!!! at the Rochester Chess Center.

Aug 29th: Friday Night Blitz Chess at the Rochester Chess Center. 7pm to 9:30pm. $6 entry fee, format determined by # of entries.

Aug. 30th thru Sept. 1st: Chess Center Closed for Labor Day Weekend - Hope to see you at the NYS Championship in Albany  this weekend!  The Continental Chess Association has indicated that US Champion Gata Kamsky will be playing in this tournament - the first time since 2005 when he placed clear first.

Sept. 3rd: Community Chess Club at the Rochester Chess Center - Registration: 6:45pm-7:20pm.

Sept. 4th: Thursday evening BUG HOUSE !!!!! at the Rochester Chess Center.

Sept. 5th: Friday Night Blitz Chess at the Rochester Chess Center. 7pm to 9:30pm. $6 entry fee, format determined by # of entries.

Sept. 6th: Youth tournament 10am-1pm and Adult tournament 2pm at the Rochester Chess Center - Register by 1:45pm

Sept. 8th: Summer Chess League at the Rochester Chess Center - Make-up week

Sept. 15th: Fall Chess League at the Rochester Chess Center - Register by 6:30pm. Rnd #1.

The 18 Annual Community Chess Club Championship will be held October 1, 8, 15 and 22 at the Rochester Chess Center. 
Save these dates! If you're not a member yet, we welcome you to join our excellent chess club!

Here is the official CCCR Championship tournament announcement:

October 4th: 19th Annual Arkport Open in Arkport, NY - Organizer: Fred Harris

December 17th: Annual CCCR Holiday Party - food/beverages & chess - at the Rochester chess Center

*** Tournament Results ***

August 28th: Wed. Community Chess Club of Rochester Game Photos & Results:

Sherman Cunningham (background right) played Daniel Chadwick
and Kenn Scullin, winning both games.  Jason DeJesus (left front)
played against Keith Kolaczyk.  August 28, 2014.

Chuck Saweikis (left front) lost to Matt Eckert.  August 28, 2014.

Webster Kehoe (left front) won his game in time pressure
against Jamshed Ahmed.  August 28, 2014.

August 23rd: Saturday Morning Youth Tournament Final Standings: 
1st Place: Thomas Kwon (trophy winner!), Franklin Jones and Andrew Guo with 2 points each.
2nd Place: Revathi Meka with 1 point.
3rd Place: Sathya Mandava.

28 players enjoyed chess tonight.
3 chess players joined the chess club.
Aug. 20, 2014.
Kevin Moore (left front) played Bob Talbot. Don
Stubblebine (left rear) played John Manning.
Aug. 20, 2014.

Melei McMahon (left front) played Jason DeJesus.
Adam DeSantis (left middle) played Thomas Kwon.
Doug Spencer (left rear) played David Phelps.
Aug. 20, 2014.

Jason DeJesus 1-0 Melei McMahon
Kenn Scullin 1-0 Mike Runnells
David Phelps 1-0 Doug Spencer
Don Stubblebine 0-1 John Manning
Mike Gorman 1-0 Bill Pollifrone
Daniel Chadwick 1-0 Jim Trowbridge
Bob Talbot 1-0 Kevin Moore
Chuck Saweikis 1-0 Sam Cherin
Daniel Johnston 1-0 Webster Kehoe
Brian Jesse 0-1 Chris Brown
Howard Ebersman 1-0 Gerry Birmingham
Mike Connelly 0-1 David Worl
Ken McBride 1/2-/12 Tony Badamo
Thomas Kwon 1-0 Adam DeSantis
Mike Runnells 1/2-1/2 Kenn Scullin

Rochester Chess Center Tournament Results for August 16th:  

Michael Niu was the trophy winner!
Andrew Guo finished with 3 points!

1st Place: Andrew Guo with 3 points.
2nd Place: Arianna Kharroubi, Jason Niu and Michael Niu (trophy!) with 2 points each.
3rd Place: Aidan Kharroubi and Sathya Mandava.

Adolfo Prieto (left) lost to FM Isay Golyak.
Isay played a magnificent ending, winning a seemingly
drawn endgame in time pressure.

Melei McMahon (front left) played Adam DeSantis
 (AKA Mr. Chess). Bill Pollifrone (rear left) played
David Worl.   August 13, 2014.

Isthier Chaudhury played Jim Trowbridge.  August 13, 2014.
John Rutecki played Keith Kolaczyk.  August 13, 2014.
Mike Runnells played an exciting game with Matt Eckert.
August 13, 2104.

Melei McMahon 0-1 Adam DeSantis
Daniel Johnston 0-1 Randy MacKenzie
Don Stubblebine 0-1 Ken McBride
John Rutecki 0-1 Keith Kolaczyk
Jim Trowbridge 0-1 Isthier Chaudhury
Brian Jesse 1-0 Thomas Kwon
Mike Runnells 1/2-1/2 Matt Eckert
Bob Talbot 1-0 Howard Decker
David Worl 1-0 Bill Pollifrone

Rochester Chess Center Tournament Results for August 9th:  
1st Place: Dale Janezic (trophy) with 3 points.
2nd Place: John Rutecki and Thomas Kwon with 1 point each.

August 6th: Wed. Community Chess Club of Rochester Game Results:
Michael Gorman 0-1 Jamshed Ahmed
James Attaya 1/2-1/2 Howard Ebersman
John Manning 0-1 Connor Wagner
Daniel Johnston 0-1 Nick Bessey
Jim Trowbridge 0-1 David Worl
Bill Pollifrone 0-1 Chris Brown
Kevin Moore 0-1 Gerry Birmingham
Chuck Saweikis 1-0 Brian Jesse
Matt Eckert 0-1 Thomas Kwon
Don Stubblebine 1/2-1/2 Rolando Scrubb
Mike Connelly 0-1 Bob Talbot
Mike Lionti 1-0 Mike Runnells
Mike Runnells 1/2-1/2 Mike Lionti
Chris Brown 1-0 Bill Pollifrone

Nick Bessey (left front) won his game with Daniel Johnston.
Don Stubblebine (left rear) drew Rolando Scrubb.  August 6, 2014.

Rochester Chess Center Tournament Results for August 2nd:  
1st Place: Andrew Guo (Trophy), Arianna Kharroubi and Thomas Kwon with 3 points each.
2nd Place: Jason Niu with 1.5 points.
3rd Place: Dale Janezic, Michael Niu and John Rutecki with 1 point each.
4th Place: Aidan Kharroubi with 0.5 point.

Aidan Kharroubi, Andrew Guo (Trophy winner) and Arianna Kharroubi (1st place tie).  August 2, 2014.
Ken McBride 1-0 John Manning
Abe Glasser 1-0 Bill Pollifrone
Bob Talbot 1-0 Adam DeSantis
James Attaya 0-1 Chris Brown
Jim Trowbridge 1-0 Braden Holcomb
Doug Spencer 1/2-1/2 Daniel Chadwick
Sherman Cunningham 1-0 Sam Cherin
Gerald Birmingham 1-0 Mike Runnells
Brian Jesse 1-0 Howard Decker
G/80d5 Simul:
Mike Lionti 1/2-1/2 Kenn Scullin
Mike Lionti 1-0 Don Stubblebine
Mike Runnells 1-0 Gerald Birmingham

Adam DeSantis (left front) played new Community Chess Club member Bob Talbot.
In the background, Braden Holcomb (left) played Jim Trowbridge.  July 30, 2014.


  1. I posted my game on my blog here.
    - Jim Trowbridge

  2. Thanks for another great night of chess, particularly to the TDs Mike Lionti and Ken McBride. What else is there to do on Wednesday night?

    I posted my loss to Isthier Chaudhry with the dragon var on my blog. Check it out if you like, and say hello.