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Tournaments and Activities: June 1- July 30, 2014

Events at the Rochester Chess Center:

It was great fun at the Simultaneous Wed. night with Abraham Glasser

Here is a quick summary:
- 25 participants, including many experts and ratings in the high 1900's
- Abe won 15 games, drew 4 (Doug Spencer, Matt Slomski, Daniel Yu and Daniel Johnston) and lost 6 (Chris Brown, Randy Mac Kenzie, Sherman Cunningham, Don Stubblebine, Samuel Liu and Bill Pollifrone
- 4 hours and 45 minutes!!!! (7:45pm to 12:30am)
- NEXT WEEK (Wed. July 23rd) we will celebrate with a cake and distribute prizes to the players who drew or won their games with Abe, and also present Abe with his prize and certificate. All are welcome. Game registration is from 7-7:20pm, with rated games starting after the award presentations beginning at 7:30pm.

Doug Spencer (left) and Abraham Glasser finished their game with a draw.
July 16, 2014.

Abraham's proud parents watched their son play in the chess simultaneous.
July 16, 2014.

The 1st Annual Community Chess Club of Rochester (CCCR) Chess Simultaneous was held at the Rochester Chess Center on July 16th, 2014. The games began at 7:45pm and ended at 12:30am. Twenty five people participated. Abe 15 won games, had 4 draws and 6 losses in a very impressive performance of chess skill.

Abe will be a senior in high school this coming September. It was a long day for Abe who started his day by working a full 8-hour shift at RIT where he is an intern assisting in a research project. Abe is planning to enter into computer programming at RIT when he graduates from high school in 2015. Abe started out in chess when he was very young and has been a regular chess player at the chess center for nearly 10 years. Abe is also a registered USCF tournament director and performs TD duties once a month for the Community Chess Club. Abe has been the Community Chess Club champion for the last two years in a row. Abe's current USCF rating is 2119 (expert).

The Community Chess Club of Rochester provided free pizza, snacks and beverages to all participants and spectators. The Chess Center also provided additional free beverages. The event brought many first-time chess players to the chess center. This included four children brought by Adam DeSantis who runs a terrific introduction to chess at his chess club which meets every other Thursday at the Chili Library (see link on the right side of this blog page). After the event, many of the new chess players expressed interest in coming back for more tournaments. 

Special thanks to Abe Glasser for being our first community chess club champion to participate in the chess simultaneous. Thanks also to Ron Lohrman and Ken McBride for helping to setup the chess tables and boards for the event. The chess simultaneous event was organized by Mike Lionti, Doug Spencer and Don Stubblebine.

Blog Editor's Note: More information will be added, so come back later for updates.

Here is a complete list of players, USCF rating, and individual score against Abraham:

Player name.....USCF rating.....Result vs Abe Glasser (2119)
Mike Runnells.....1200.....loss
Sherman Cunningham.....1900.....win
Gerald Birmingham.....1300..... loss
Don Stubblebine.....1813..... win
Randy MacKenzie.....2105 (expert).....win
Guy Fuhrman.....968.....loss
Doug Spencer.....1931.....draw
Matt Slomski.....2186 (expert).....draw
Chris Brown.....1751.....win          
James Attaya.....1539.....loss
Daniel Chadwick.....1532.....loss
Bill Pollifrone.....1969.....win
Steven Yu.....unrated..... loss
Daniel Yu.....unrated.....draw
Ken Scullin.....1430.....loss
Howard Decker.....1099.....loss    
Daniel Johnston.....1945.....draw
Jeff Palmeri.....unrated.....loss
Eric Lian.....unrated.....loss
Amy Lian.....unrated.....loss
David Campbell.....1991.....loss
Jim Trowbridge.....1425.....loss
John Manning.....1819.....loss
Samuel Liu.....1668.....win
Adam DeSantis.....824.....loss

Summer Chess Camp Dates:


Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! 
Week 1 July 7-11
Week 2 July 14-18
Week 3 July 21-25
Week 4 July 28 - Aug 1
Week 5 Aug 4-8
Week 6 Aug 11-15
Week 7 Aug 18-22
Week 8 Aug 25-29
Call the Chess Center at 585-442-2430 for details.

July 16th: Chess Simultaneous with Abe Glasser presented by the Community Chess Club of Rochester. The Community Chess Club of Rochester is starting a new tradition. Every year, the chess club will entertain a Chess Simultaneous with the previous year's CCCR champion playing (this year, Abe Glasser) against all opponents simultaneously. The event will be unrated and open to all chess players of all playing strengths. The entry fee will be $3 for CCCR members and $5 for non-members. Prizes will be given for any chess player who attains a win or draw in the event. Prizes for wins and draws! Free pizza, snacks and beverages will be provided. Limited to the first 26 players! Preregister at the Chess Center. Visitors and spectators welcome!

A Chess Simul is an event where a single, high-ranking Chess player competes against multiple players all at once. It is an exciting show of skill and endurance. We are proud to have Abraham Glasser challenge 26 chess players. When all games are finished, the tournament director will present a tally of the results and present prizes for challengers with wins or draws (if any). 

Opponents who achieve a draw will recieve a hardcover scorebook ($10 value).
Opponents who achieve a win will receive a chess DVD of their choice ($20 value).

Abe will also be presented with a base prize and an incentive prize for one of the following:
1) No losses and no draws (a perfect score!)
2) No more than 1 loss and 5 draws
3) No more than 2 losses and 6 draws

Chess Simultaneous Rules:
- Abe Glasser plays white pieces on all boards.
- Each opponent will make their move only when Abe approaches their chessboard.
- Each opponent will get two passes to have more time to make a move.
- Each opponent should write down the game moves on a score sheet until in time-trouble. When the game finishes, you can ask Abe to sign it. If you manage to win the game, it could be worth its weight in gold!
- When ~ 1 or 2 players are remaining, it is at Abe's discretion how much time the opponent will be given between moves; if the opponent is taking too long, Abe will work with the TD to speed up the game moves.
Abe has the right to change his move until the moment he makes his move on the next board.
- No talking and kibitzing (including spectators) is permitted while games are in-progress; cell phones should be turned off or on vibrate.
- The tournament director will help administer the tournament and assist Abe in ensuring all players follow the rules. The tournament director will also help ensure that moves by opponents are made in a timely fashion, especially if it is getting very late in the evening.

CCCR Schedule for Wed. July 16th:
6:30pm: Pizza and Snacks for Simul players & spectators
6:30pm-7:25: Player check-in/Registration
7:30pm: Announcements
7:35pm: Simultaneous Chess Games Begin!

July 17th: Thursday evening BUG HOUSE !!!!! at the Rochester Chess Center.

July 18th: Friday Night Blitz Chess at the Rochester Chess Center. 7pm to 9:30pm. $6 entry fee, format determined by # of entries. 100% of entries paid out as prizes during July.

July 19th: Youth tournament 10am-1pm and Adult tournament 2pm (register by 1:45)

July 21st: Summer Chess League at the Rochester Chess Center - Round #5

The 18 Annual Community Chess Club Championship will be held October 1, 8, 15 and 22 at the Rochester Chess Center. 
Save these dates! If you're not a member, join our great club! 

October 4th: 19th Annual Arkport Open in Arkport, NY    

* * * Tournament Results * * *

Rochester Chess Center Tournament Results for July 26th:  
1st Place: Andrew Guo  with 3 points. 
2nd Place:Franklin Jones (Trophy) with 2 points.
3rd Place: Leonid Solodov and Jack Olander with 1 point each.
4th Place: Francis Harman


Rochester Chess Center Tournament Results for July 19th:  
1st Place: Andrew Guo (Trophy) and Jason Niu with 3 points each.
2nd Place: John Rutecki, Michael Niu and Thomas Kwon with 2 points each.
3rd Place: Peter Cetner with 1 point.
4th Place: Natalie Prezhdo.

From left to right: Thomas Kwon, Jason Niu, Andrew Guo (trophy winner!), Natalie Prezhdo, John Rutecki, Peter Cetner and Michael Niu participated in today's Kids Tournament.  July 19, 2014.

Staffan Engstrom (left) played Mike Connelly in the 2nd round.  July 19, 2014.

Rochester Chess Center Tournament Results for July 12th:  
1st Place: Arianna Kharroubi (trophy winner) with 4 points.
2nd Place: Aidan Kharoubi and Thomas Kwon with 3 points each.
3rd Place: Dale Janezic and Finn Mahar with 2 points each.
4th Place: Rick Zhou and Keefe Zhou with 1.5 points each.
5th Place: Jack Olander with 1 point.
6th Place:  Michael Shi and Edison Zhou

Come join us at the picnic on July 9th!

July 9th: Rochester Chess Center's Annual Picnic at Mendon Ponds Park, East Lodge. Directions: Go south on Clover Street, cross the NYS Thruway, enter the park (turn left) at the first entrance. The lodge is 1/2 mile on the left. Fires will be stoked up at 5:30pm, although the lodge is ours from 1:00pm on. Rain or shine, the lodge will be fine! The Rochester Chess Center provides the Chess Sets, soft drinks, and charcoal. Bring your own food to grill, plates, silverware, and sports equipment. This is a communal event, so please bring a dish to share. Last name A to M please bring a salad to pass, N to Z please bring a desert to share. Of course if you have that very special picnic goodie you always make, please bring that along instead. $2 per person, $5 maximum per family. Picnic is free to Chess Center members and their families.

July 9th: Wednesday Community Chess Club of Rochester at 7:30pm - We will have rated games at the Chess Center AND at the annual picnic which also takes plays this evening at Mendon Ponds Park, East Lodge.

Samuel Liu 1-0 Laszlo Topaszto
Jim Trowbridge 1-0 Mike Connelly
Mike Runnells 1/2-1/2 Howard Decker
Rolando Scrubb 0-1 Don Stubblebine
G/80d5 Simul:
Doug Spencer 1-0 Pollifrone
Doug Spencer 1-0 Matt Eckert

Many local players participated in this year's WORLD OPEN chess tournament. Click here for a link to the results.

Rochester Chess Center Tournament Results for July 5th:  
1st Place: Jason Niu (trophy winner) with 4 points.
2nd Place: Arianna Kharoubi with 3 points.
3rd Place: Aidan Kharoubi with 2 points.
4th Place: Michael Niu and Natalie Prezhdo with 1.5 points each.
5th Place: Andrew Guo and Thomas Kwon with 1 point each.

From left to right, participants in the Saturday Kids chess tournament: Michael Niu, Arianna Kharroubi, Natalie Prezhdo, Jason Niu (trophy winner), Aidan Kharroubi, Thomas Kwon and Andrew Guo.  July 5, 2014.
Michael Niu and Natalie Prezhdo.  July 5, 2014.

Arianna Kharroubi and Jason Niu.  July 5, 2014.

Isthier Chaudhury (left) played Kevin Roulhac from Buffalo.  July 5, 2014.

FM Isay Golyak (left) played Theo Bogin.  July 5, 2014.

Sherman Cunningham played FM Laszlo Tapaszto who is visiting from Caracas Venezula.  July 5, 2014.

Laszlo Tapaszto 1-0 Gerry Birmingham
Ken McBride 0-1 Don Stubblebine
Daniel Johnston 1-0 Isthier Chaudhury
Ken Marshall 0-1 Doug Spencer
Mike Runnells 1-0 Jim Attaya
Edwin Rosenberg 1/2-1/2 Chuck Saweikis
Daniel Chadwick 1-0 Mike Lionti  
Howard Decker 1-0 Latief Harris
Bill Pollifrone 1-0 Adam DeSantis

Abe Glasser 1-0 John Manning
John Manning 0-1 Abe Glasser

Rochester Chess Center Tournament Results for June 28th:  
1st Place: Michael Niu (trophy winner), Andrew Guo, Rick Zhou and Jason Niu  with 3 points each.
2nd Place: Vlad Bondar, Keefer Zhou and Finn Mahar with 1 point each. 
3rd Place: Sam Powell

David Campbell 1/2-1/2 Abe Glasser
David Worl 1/2-1/2 James Trowbridge
Ken Marshall 1-0 Howard Decker
Don Stubblebine 1-0 Samuel Liu
Doug Spencer 1-0 Daniel Johnston
Sherman Cunningham 1-0 Bill Pollifrone
Keith Kolaczyk 1-0 Adam DeSantis
Latief Harris 0-1 Brian Jesse
Chris Brown 0-1 Randy Mac Kenzie
Isthier Chaudry 0-1 Ken McBride
Mike Connelly 0-1 Chuck Saweikis
Gerald Birmingham 0-1 Mike Runnells
Mike Lionti 1-0 Jim Attaya

Rochester Chess Center Tournament Results for June 21st:  

Thomas Kwon (left), Andrew Guo (trophy winner) and Ayush Dasgupta stand in the victory circle.  June 21, 2014.

1st Place: Andrew Guo (trophy winner) and Thomas Kwon with 2 points each.
2nd Place: Vlad Bondar and Ayush Dasgupta with 0.5 point each.

Sherman Cunningham (left) holds on for a draw with FM Isay Golyak in the 2nd round of the Adult tournament held at the Rochester Chess Center.  June 21, 2014.

Daniel Johnston 1-0 Chris Brown
Matt Eckert 1/2-1/2 David Worl
Adam Desantis 0-1 Brian Jesse
Ken McBride 1-0 Jamshed Ahmed
Theodore Bogin 0-1 Doug Spencer
Alex Iosevich 1/2-1/2 Don Stubblebine
Samuel Liu 1/2-1/2 Sherman Cunningham
Jim Attaya 0-1 Isthier Chaudhury
Bill Pollifrone 0-1 Mike Lionti
Mike Runnells 0-1 Daniel Chadwick

Rochester Chess Center Tournament Results for June 14th:  
1st Place: Jason Niu  with 4 points.
2nd Place: Thomas Kwon (trophy winner), Michael Niu, and Keefer Zhou with 3 points each. 
3rd Place: Rick Zhou and Andrew Guo with 1 point each.
4th Place: Evan Peterson.
1st Place: Matt Slomski  with 3 points!
2nd Place: FM Isay Golyak with 2.5 points.
U2000: Lev Paciorkowski, Arjun Ganesh and Rolando Scrubb with 2 points each.

Doug Spencer 1/2-1/2 Alex Iosevich
Mike Connelly 0-1 Matt Eckert
Guy Fuhrman 0-1 Mike Runnells
Howard Decker 0-1 Mike Lionti
Jamshed Ahmed 1-0 Sherman Cunningham
Daniel Johnston 1-0 David Campbell
Rolando Scrubb 1-0 Jack Oleksyn
Bill Pollifrone 1-0 Gerald Birmingham
Brian Jesse 0-1 Braden Holcomb
G/80d5 Simultaneous:
Abe Glasser 1-0 Don Stubblebine
Abe Glasser 1-0 Samuel Liu

Here are some photographs from the Wednesday USCF-rated games:
Bill Pollifrone (left) won his game with Gerald Birmingham. Bill is returning to USCF-rated chess after almost 20 years. However, Bill said he has continued to play chess over the years and has kept up with the game. Welcome back Bill!
Don Stubblebine (left rear) and Samuel Liu (left front) lost their games against Abe Glasser who played both Don and Sumuel simultaneously. This was good practice for Abe who will be taking on a 26-person simultaneous in July.
Brian Jesse (left) lost his game with Braden Holcomb. Both players joined the USCF.
A big welcome to Brian and Braden!

Rochester Chess Center Tournament Results for June 7th:  
1st Place: Jason Niu (trophy winner) with 4 points.
2nd Place: Thomas Kwon with 3 points.
3rd Place: Michael Niu with 2.5 points.
4th Place: Sathya Mandava with 1.5 points.
5th Place: Finn Mahan with 1 point.
6th Place: Kai Patrone and Joshua Iosevich with 0.5 point.

Left to Right (Michael Niu with 2.5 points, Jason Niu with 4 points (trophy winner), Thomas Kwon (3 points, 2nd place) and Sathya Mandava (1.5 points).  Congratulations to all participants!  June 7, 2014.
Jason Niu (left won his game with Finn Mahan) in an interesting game.  June 7, 2014.
Jason Niu (left) won a blitz playoff with Thomas Kwon to win the trophy. His brother Michael gives the thumbs up and Sathya Mandava (front right) watches the chess battle from a distance.  June 7, 2014.

The Rochester Chess Center is looking very nice!
The Rochester Chess Center has been beautifully landscaped with flowers and bushes.  June 7, 2014.
Tomatoes on the vine are for Ron's enjoyment later in the year. Every year the good soil produces a big batches of sweet tomatoes.  Even chess players need to eat their veggies!!!!!

Jacob Chen (left) won his game with Samuel Liu in the 3rd round.  June 7, 2014.

Mike Runnells 0-1 David Worl
Don Stubblebine 0-1 David Campbell
Sherman Cunningham 0-1 Abe Glasser
Rolando Scrubb 1/2-1/2 Daniel Johnston
Isthier Chaudhury 0-1 Jack Olekysn
Ken McBride 1-0 Doug Spencer
Mike Lionti 1-0 Gerald Birmingham

Here are some photographs from the Wednesday USCF-rated games:

David Worl (left rear) won his game with Mike Runnells. Daniel Johnston (left front) drew a very close game with Rolando Scrubb.  June 4, 2014.
Mike Lionti (left) won his game with Gerald Birmingham.  June 4, 2014.
Doug Spencer (left) lost a titanic battle with Ken McBride.  June 4, 2014.


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