Saturday, August 17, 2013

Unusual "golf" chess set appears at Chess Center

Ron says that you can make him an offer if you are interested in this unique golf-themed chess set.

And, now for something on the lighter side...

With the PGA golf tournament recently in town at the Oak Hill Country Club, the above  golf-themed chess set is very fitting to be displayed and put up for sale at the Chess Center.

Did you read about the unusual fan happenings at the PGA tournament last weekend? There were shouts of "Mashed potatoes!", "Chewbacca!", "Baba Booey!" and other assorted things said between golf swings? Well, you wouldn't think that would ever happen at the Chess Center. Well, last Wednesday night, I definitely heard somebody yell out "Mashed potatoes!". That person shall remain nameless. So, it even happens in chess tournaments.

Click here for the Democrat and Chronicle article.

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