Saturday, August 17, 2013

RCC Saturday Youth and Adult tournament results for August 17, 2013

Saturday Afternoon Adult Tournament
3rd Round: The Chicken?? (rating unknown!!) plays against Matthew Wang (1420).
3rd Round: The chicken surprises Matthew Wang with his first move. Apparently the chicken knows how to play chess! Later, the chicken was unmasked and found to be "Jason The Entertainer" (1524) aka Jason Young.
By the way, Jason can be reached at for Chicken or Gorilla singing telegrams, magic shows for kids, juggling, etc. 1-800-Juggler (584-4537). Jason was a good sport to wear the chicken head at the beginning of round 3.

In the Youth Tournament there were 5 players:
1st - Aidan Kharroubi with a perfect score of 3 points.
Arianna Kharroubi and Joshua Iosevich scored 1 point each.
Nathan Iosevich and Paul Dykens scored 1.5 points each.

Congratulations to Aidan Kharroubi who earned first place in the Youth tournament today!

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