Saturday, October 17, 2020

2020 CCCR Club Championship: Round 2

Round 2 was held on Wednesday, October 14, and as usual there was plenty of excitement! We had a turnaround upset on board 2, and at one point I had an objectively lost position on board 1. Let's dive into the games.

Let's start with our game of the week, which was Henry Swing's (1936) win over Clif Kharroubi (2098), overcoming a more than 150 point rating gap.

A lucky escape for Henry to be sure - after having a nearly lost position out of the opening he was still able to keep the game going and ended up winning after Clif's critical blunder on move 50.

In my game against TJ, after being unfamiliar with the opening I came up with a bad plan and found myself in a difficult position. While 9. ... f6!? would have still been OK for black, the exchange sacrifice I played instead was just unsound - I missed a couple key tactical details and also overestimated the long-term weakness of white's king.

Nevertheless, TJ went astray with his reckless kingside expansion, and despite my bad opening I was able to take advantage of my opponent's mistaken strategy beyond move 14.

I have one other game from this week too, which was the board 5 encounter between Ryan and Ken:

A tough long game. Ryan was hanging in there until losing the pawn on a2, when with two outside connected passers Ken was able to bring in the full point.

Here are the full results for this round:

Round 3 will be held next Wednesday, October 21.

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