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Jan-Mar 2016 Tournaments and Activities

We have over 60 Community Chess Club members.  Our Chess club is growing!

Community Chess Club of Rochester Officers:
President - Donald Stubblebine
Vice-President: Douglas Spencer
Event Organizer, Treasurer & Web/Blog Editor: Michael Lionti
 Secretaries: David Worl and Ken McBride 
Assistant to the club officers: Abe Glasser & Mike Runnells
All officers and assistants are unpaid volunteers 
who wish to promote chess in our community.
You can inquire about the chess club by phone at 585-442-2430
Our mailing address: 221 Norris Drive, Rochester, NY 14610

The Dr. Farley Memorial XXII 
Monday Night League starts on March 28th! 
Register by 6:30pm.  Call the Rochester Chess Center
at 585-442-2430 for Info.

38th Annual Marchand Open!
GM Stripunsky, GM Perelshteyn, GM Kudrin, GM Preotu, Dean-Kawamura, Martin, Sulman share 1st place at the 38th Annual Marchand Open

The Strong National Museum of Play

The 38th Annual Marchand Open, dedicated to the memory of Dr. Erich Marchand, took place on 18-20th March 2016 at the Strong National Museum of Play, One Manhattan Square, Rochester, New York.  
Dr. Erich Marchand "requested that his friends play chess in his memory".
Portrait of Dr. Erich Watkinson Marchand displayed at the Rochester Chess Center

For the 38th Machand Open, 137 players participated.  In addition to our local Rochester chess players, we had a very large group from Buffalo, Syracuse and Canada.  The tournament included four Grand Masters: GM Stripunsky, GM Perelshteyn, GM Kudrin and GM Preotu.  This year, the total prize fund was a huge $16,440. This year's Marchand Open was the largest tournament in size and total prizes in Western New York.  The tournament was a wonderful success and it was enjoyed  by players and spectators.  

The tournament was organized by Ron Lohrman of the Rochester Chess Center. The tournament directors were Ron Lohrman and Ken McBride.

Adam DeSantis with GM Razvan Preotu

Ben Dean-Kawamura (2217) drew GM Bryan Smith (2511) in the final round to tie for 1st place in the Open Section

38th Marchand Open 
Photo Gallery:


Adam DeSantis with Calvin Moulton

Daniel Johnston and Ethan Yung

More Marchand Open information coming soon.

The Dr. Farley Memorial XXI 
Monday Night League starts on January 4th! 
Register by 6:30pm.  Call 585-442-2430 for Info.

The Mozart of Chess: World Champion "Magnus Carlsen"

Click to view CBS "60 Minutes" documentary

Special Events Coming Up:

  Dec. 28-31 - New Year's Break Chess Camp !!!! At the Rochester Chess Center !!!!

Contact Chess Center at 585-442-2430 for details
Jan. 4, 2016 - Chess Center Farley Memorial Fall League begins

Saturday Jan. 9th - Harley Scholastic Tournament for Kids:

January 18th - CHESS CAMP!!!! on Martin Luther King Day holiday

Saturday Jan. 16th - Scholastic Tournament for Kids at India Community Center
Contact Chess Center at 585-442-2430 for details

Saturday Jan. 23rd - Scholastic Tournament for Kids at Geneva (North Street)
Contact Chess Center at 585-442-2430 for details 

Feb. 13-15 - U.S. Amateur Team Championship East
Flyer below. Sign up as an individual or team at the Rochester Chess Center.  
Every year Rochester players have a lot of fun at this tournament.
For more details, click here

Flyer from Chess Life magazine

 Feb. 15-19 - CHESS CAMP!!!! on Winter Break holiday
Contact Chess Center at 585-442-2430 for details

Saturday Feb. 27th - Seton 20th Annual Tournament for Kids 
Contact Chess Center at 585-442-2430 for details 

March 19-20 - 38th Annual Marchand Tournament at the Strong Museum of Play, Rochester, NY.  Contact Ken McBride or Ron Lohrman at the Chess Center at 585-442-2430 for details.  This is the largest and most excellent chess tournament in Rochester!
Portrait of Dr. Erich Watkinson Marchand displayed at the Rochester Chess Center

Saturday March 26th - 11th Annual Woman's Tournament
Contact Chess Center at 585-442-2430 for details 
March 28 thru April 1 - CHESS CAMP!!!! on Spring Break holiday 
Contact Chess Center at 585-442-2430 for details

Every Saturday (except for Jan. 9, 16 and Feb. 27 when the Kids Tournament will be held at a different location as noted above) - Chess Center Youth Tournament 10am-1pm, Great way to start out and play, Multiple rounds, USCF-rated (optional): G/30d5

Every Saturday - Chess Center Adult Tournament 2pm-8pm, 3-rounds, USCF-rated games: G/60d5, Register by 1:45pm

Nearly every Monday - Chess Center League 7pm-10pm, One USCF-rated game: G/90d5

Every Wednesday Night at 7:30pm - Community Chess Club, Register by 7:15pm, One USCF-rated game: G/80d5

The Chess Center is not open on Sundays, except for private lessons.

Reminder of Important Rules and Dues Changes

There are several rules and dues changes that take effect on January 1, 2016.
For the updated list of rules changes since the publication of the 6th edition of the US Chess rule book, see 2016 rules changes.
Tournament Directors should have a copy of this rules update document at tournaments that begin in 2016.
For the dues changes that take effect on January 1st, see 2016 Dues Changes.


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Instructive Chess Games

Mike Runnells played two very nice games over the past two weeks. The first win was against Michael Lionti.  The second game was a win against Bob Talbot.  In both games, there were some missed opportunities which are instructive.  The game analysis in the first game below was performed by Mike Runnells using his Houdini 4 Pro software.  Congratulations to Mike Runnells on his winning streak!