Monday, September 28, 2015

Flyer - Rochester Chess Center's Weekly Schedule

Rochester  Chess  Center
221 Norris Dr, Rochester NY 14610                Phone: (585)442-2430

 Our Weekly Schedule:

Every Sunday: 2pm to 6pm Quads and Rated Games 
         Quad - Play in a 4 player section (3 games at Game in 30 minutes).  Top 4 rated players in one section, next 4 in the second section, etc.  Prizes $18 1st  and $12 2nd each section.  $$10
          Rated Games - Play 1 or 2 Rated Games at Game in 60 minutes.  First games start 2pm, second games start 4pm. $$4 each

Every Monday:  7 to 10pm, Rated League, ~10 weeks.  We’ll get you
onto a team.  Runs throughout the year in four 10 week segments.  4 or 5 players on a team, the highest player on your team plays the highest player on your opponent’s team, etc.  Rated by the USCF.  Board 1 is also FIDE (international) rated.  Game in 90 minutes.  $$25

Every Wednesday:  7:30 to 10pm, USCF Rated Games with the Community Chess Club of Rochester.  This is the best event for adult players new to tournament disciplines of recording moves and budgeting time on a chess clock.  Opponent with similar skill/rating is assigned.  $$5

Every Saturday:  10am to 1pm, youth tournament.  Practice budgeting   your time with a chess clock, and recording moves with a score sheet.  Prize for each player, trophy for “player of the day”.   If you are a USCF member, your games will count toward your national rating.  Game in 30minutes, usually 3-5 games.  $$5

Every Saturday:  2 to 8pm, Afternoon Tournament.  USCF rated, cash prizes 70% of entries.  Sections by rating, 8 players each.  Game in 60minutes, 3 rounds.  $$15 adults, 13 high school, 11 pre high school

USCF events require USCF membership,  $46 premium (w/magazine) or $40 regular.  Special rates for youth and seniors.  You can join the USCF here the same day you play.  Entry fees are shown as $$ in the description of each event. 

     For chess classes, tutoring, camps, visit our High School League website     

                                                                 Equipment Sales are also available

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