Saturday, January 3, 2015

Tournaments and Activities: Jan 1 - Mar 31 , 2015

Community Chess Club of Rochester Officers:
President - Donald Stubblebine
Vice-President: Douglas Spencer
Event Organizer, Treasurer & Web Publisher: Michael Lionti
 Secretaries: David Worl and Ken McBride 
Assistant to the club officers: Abe Glasser & Mike Runnells
All officers and assistants are unpaid volunteers who wish to promote chess in our community.
You can inquire about the chess club by phone at 585-442-2430
Our mailing address: 221 Norris Drive, Rochester, NY 14610

What's new: Scroll down the blog post for the 37th Marchand Open tournament flyer. Scroll down the blog post for the 10th Annual Women's Invitational Chess tournament flyer.  At the end of this blog post, the Chess Center's Blitz Rules and Tiebreaker methods are reprinted here for the "convenience" of TDs, players and other chess clubs. There are also have several Kids tournaments coming up at schools and at the Chili library... details below.

Long-time CCCR member Kenn Scullin joined us for chess Wednesday night.
Jan. 28, 2015

CCCR Club Members: Block these dates off on your calendar:
The 19th Annual CCCR Club Championship
To be held at the Rochester Chess Center, Oct. 7, 14, 21, 28  2015
 Sponsored by the Community Chess Club of Rochester
Participants must have played a combined total of at least 5 G/80d5 USCF-rated games
 over a period of five separate Club meeting nights between Oct. 29, 2014 and Sept. 30, 2015. 
No exceptions.
This is a members-only tournament.
Organizer: Mike Lionti
Tournament Directors: Ron Lohrman & Mike Lionti

Rochester Chess Center Chess Camps - Kids have fun!
Jan 19 - Martin Luther King Day
Feb 16-20 - Winter Break
Mar 30 - Apr 3 - Spring Break

Mondays:  Winter Chess League at the Rochester Chess Center 
(G/90d5 for boards 2 and below. G/90+30 for board 1).

Wednesdays: Community Chess Club or Rochester games at the Rochester Chess Center. Registration: 6:45pm-7:15pm. Games begin at 7:30pm. $5 non-members. $3 members. (G/80d5).

Chili Chess Club meets the 2nd and 4th Thursdays 3:00-5:00. Check the Chili Library web site for dates and information - Organized by Adam DeSantis and Fred Mellender.

Every Friday: Friday Night Blitz Chess at the Rochester Chess Center. 7pm to 9:30pm. $6 entry fee, format determined by # of entries. (G/5d0).

Every SaturdayYouth tournament 10am-1pm G/30d5 and Adult tournament (G/60d5) 2pm at the Rochester Chess Center - Register by 1:45pm. 

Every Sunday: USCF rated games (single games or quads) tournaments 2pm-6pm
at the Rochester Chess Center - Register by 1:45pm. 

Rochester Area Tournaments
(Call 585-442-2430 or visit for more information)
For Kids: Jan 10 - 23rd The Harley School, Brighton
For Kids: Jan 24 - 9th North Street Elementary, Geneva
(There is also a kids tournament at the Chess Center on Jan. 24)
For Kids: Jan 31 - 19th Seton Catholic School, Brighton
(There is NO kids tournament at the Chess Center on Jan. 31)
For Kids: Feb 7 - 8th India Community Ctr, Macedon
For Kids: Feb 28, Mar 1 - 48th NY State Scholatics, Saratoga Springs
For Kids: Mar 7 - 13th Mendon Center Elementary, Pittsford
Mar 14, 15 - 37th Marchand Open, Strong's Museum of Play
Mar 21 - 10th Woman's tournament, Rochester Chess Center

Unless there is a scholastic tournament, there is a Saturday Kids tournament every Saturday from 10am-1pm at the Rochester Chess Center. There is also a Saturday Kids tournament on Jan 24th for folks who cannot make it to the tournament in Geneva. Call 585-442-2430 for details.

The Winter Chess League started on Monday Jan. 5th.
There are two openings for players with ratings under 1300.
For info, call 585-442-2430.
Board 1 is dual-rated (USCF and FIDE) and follows the FIDE Laws of Chess.
(as of July 1, 2014, FIDE games use the FIDE Laws of Chess)
Other board levels are USCF-rated and follow the USCF rules.

Ron Lohrman is running Sunday afternoon USCF-rated tournaments!
These consist of quads (4 player round robin) and 2-player games.
The games begin at 2pm. Pre-register by 1:45pm, or call ahead at 585-442-2430.

The next kids tournament at the Chili library is January 22nd!
USCF Chess Master Matt Slomski will be giving a Chess Simul!
This is an unrated, free event, and no chess membership is required to participate!
Sponsored by the Chili Library. Tournament directors: Fred Fred Mellender and Adam DeSantis. This photo is from a previous simul by Matt Slomski.
Update Jan. 23rd: The players and spectators thoroughly enjoyed playing the chess simultaneous with chess expert Matt Slomski on January 2nd. Matt won all his games. As players continued to arrive during the Chili Library chess club event, Matt welcomed new opponents in the simultaneous. Matt is a fine player and exemplifies true good sportsmanship. The special event to promote chess for children was arranged by Fred Mellender and Adam DeSantis. The event was sponsored by the Chili Library.

Chess Simultaneous Event with Matt Slomski.  Photo taken Jan. 22, 2014.

For your reading enjoyment. A new article titled:

"Garry Kasparov humbled by Westminster peer, but what did the chess great miss?"

Chess Champ Garry Kasparov at a recent book signing.  Photo is the property of the Telegraph Newspaper in London, England.

Reminder for all tournaments:
In bad weather, please call the chess center at 585-442-2430 and check this blog for tournament cancellations.

Quick lookup: Community Chess Club USCF-rated Events 

The Chess Center runs a weekly Adult tournament at the Rochester Chess Center. Register by 1:45pm. Call ahead to register at 585-442-2430. 

Congratulations to 
Abe Glasser 
for his perfect 3.0 score against strong competition on Saturday, Jan. 10th! Abe is also a former CCCR Champion and two-time Deaf chess champion.

A great collection of games... available at the Chess Center.

Apr. 12, 1964: U.S. chess champion Bobby Fischer makes move during an exhibition match against 50 players in the Knickerbocker Hotel in Hollywood.  Courtesy of the LA Times.

Bobby Fischer's only loss during the Rochester, NY 1964 Simul Tour can be viewed at:

Saturday morning kids tournament.

Saturday morning kids tournament.

Chess organizer Ron Lohrman welcomes you
to the 
37th Marchand Open
at Strong's National Museum of Play, March 14-15, 2015
 Sponsored by the Rochester Chess Center 

Chess organizer Ron Lohrman welcomes you
to the 
10th Annual Women's Invitational
at the Rochester Chess Center, March 21, 2015
 Sponsored by the Rochester Chess Center

Chess Club(s) information & administration:
  • New 6th Edition USCF Rule Book: All TDs of the Community Chess Club of Rochester and the Rochester Chess Center now have the latest 6th Edition copy of the USCF rule book. This replaces the 5th Edition. A copy of the 6th Edition USCF rule book reference copy is at the Chess Center and is available by request. All players are encourages to purchase either a hard copy or electronic copy. Barnes and Noble is one of the booksellers that offers them for a discount.
  • FIDE Laws of Chess: For FIDE-rated games, the Chess Center has a copy of the Laws of Chess in a notebook for easy reference. This mainly applies to Monday night league board #1 and the Open section of the Marchand Open.
  • USCF Rule 21E The Playing Director: The USCF has confirmed that it is OK for the Chief  TD to play in small events and at the same time also be the chief tournament director. This applies to both affiliates for USCF and dual rated USCF-FIDE events.

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