Saturday, December 7, 2013

NY Scholastic & RCC Saturday tournament results for December 7, 2013

Pioneer High School Western New York Scholastic: 
Congratulations to all these fine chess players!
1st (of 28): Lev Paciorkowski
2nd: Owen Shriver
12th: Patrick Chernjavsky
1st (of 14): Wendell Lambert
2nd: Anoop Sunkara
1st (of 17): Arjun Patel

Anoop Sunkara (left) and Wendell Lambert hold their individual trophies and team trophy for the K-8 Section.

NM Laszlo Tapaszto (at right, 2200) visiting from Caracas Venezula defeated Richard Motroni (1712) in a beautiful game in round 2 of the Chess Center's Saturday afternoon Adult tournament.
Pahz Cherelin (left, 1285) played a magnificent game against John Manning (1815), but lost in a close end-game.
Saturday Morning Youth Tournament Final Standings: 
1st: Arianna Kharroubi with 2 points
2nd: Aidan Kharroubi with 2 points
3rd: Toby Thompson and Joshua Iosevich with 1 point each
4th: Nathan Girnius

Arianna Kharroubi (right) won her game against Joshua Iosevich in the Chess Center's Saturday morning youth tournament. Arianna went on to win the 1st place trophy.
The Youth tournament is every Saturday from 10am to 1pm.
The Adult tournament is every Saturday from 2pm-8pm, 3 Rds G/60d5 with registration by 1:45pm.

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