Saturday, July 20, 2013

Results from the RCC Saturday Youth & Adult tournaments 20-July-2013

Saturday Afternoon Adult Tournament

10 year-old Drawing Artist Jacob Chen:
The great series of chess draws and wins began with a draw against Rochester Chess Center's Camp counselor David Phelps (rated 1944) on July 18th. The following are some photos from today's Saturday tournament:
1st Round: Jacob Chen (1760) wins against Expert Jimmy Rossi (2007)
2nd Round: Jacob Chen (1760) draws Expert Matt Slomski (2123) with a devastating queen sacrifice.
Here is the final position:

10 year-old Arjun Ganesh also achieves a fine draw in the Saturday tournament!

1st Round: Arjun Ganesh (934) played a very strong game and agreed to a draw with Sherman Cunningham (1900)

Saturday Morning Kids Tournament Final standings:

Tie for 1st: Noah Pence and Franklin Jones with 3 points each
Natalie Prezhdo scored 2 points, Leonid Solodov and Logan Canfield scored 1/2 point
The Kids Tournament is every Saturday from 10am to 1pm

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