Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The Geneseo Open Chess Tournament, organized by SUNY Chess Club President James Hiltunen,
 took place on April 27th 2013 at the SUNY Geneseo Campus in Geneseo, New York.
Round 1
Jamshed Ahmed (left) vs John Frearson
John won this game against Jamshed. Jamshed later pulled ahead in the tournament
 with 2.5 points to win the U1800 prize; John had 2 points.
Round 3
Nick Moscatello (left) vs Patrick Phillips
A "titantic battle", but Nick went on to win the game and later 1st place in the U1400 section

Round 3
Pahz Cherelin in "deep thought" playing against
 his Rochester Chess Center chess coach Mike Lionti

The event was played over 4 rounds of the Swiss system (G/60;d5) and in 3 sections: Open, U1400 and Unrated. There were 39 participants.

A hefty sum of $800 in guaranteed college-funded prizes were awarded. In the Open section: $250-125; U1800: $100. In the U1400 section: $125-75; U1000: $50. In the Unrated section: $50-25.

$500 in college-funded catered food was provided for the chess players. Nobody went home hungry!

In the Open section, Rifeng Xia and Candidate Master Matt Slomski  shared 1st place with 4 points. The U1800 prize was won by Jamshed Ahmed with 2.5 points.

In the U1400 section, Nick Moscatello took 1st place with 4 points. Brad Schrock and Mike Lionti shared 2nd place with 3 points. The U1000 prize was won by Arjun Ganesh with 2 points.

Results of the Unrated section are not currently availabe to post in this article.

Here is the 4th round game of David Phelps (white) vs Jarrod Tavares showing relentless pressure and attack against a weak Black king:

Besides many Geneseo college students who participated, there was a large contingent from Rochester and Buffalo New York in support of the first chess tournament held by the Geneseo College Chess Club.. Both Ron Lohrman (of the Rochester Chess Center) and Tom Warner (from the Buffalo area) provided vans for transportation.

The tournament organizer and director was James Hiltunen, President of the Geneseo College Chess Club. Other students who are in the Geneseo College Chess Club also helped James organize and run the tournament.

James Hiltunen (TD) fields questions
 from players while running his first tournament

Click here to view the Crosstable: Spring 2013 Geneseo Chess Open Crosstable
Click here to view the Photo Gallery: Spring 2013 Geneseo Chess Open Photo Gallery

Submitted by Mike Lionti, Rochester Community Chess Club


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