Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Front row: Ron Lohrman, Dick Shroyer, Abe Glasser, Sherman Cunningham
Second row: Daniel Chadwick, Don Stubblebine, Doug Spencer, David Worl, David Phelps, Tony Badamo, Mike Lionti
Third row: Guy Fuhrman, Mike Runnells, Jim Trowbridge, Mike Connelly, Howard Decker

Abe Glasser took 1st place in the 16th Annual CCCR club championship held at the Rochester Chess Center October 17 thru November 7th, 2012. The Swiss format tournament was USCF-rated G/80d5 held over four consecutive Wednesday nights.

The tournament director was Ron Lohrman. The chess club provided free food for all 4 rounds. Abe Glasser was awarded a $60 gift certificate. Dick Shroyer was awarded a Saitek chess clock Sherman Cunningham was awarded a $40 gift certificate. All three players were also awarded a beautiful engraved blue light-emitting trophy which glows in the dark! Very cool!

David Phelps (U2000), David Worl (U1700), Howard Decker (U1300) and Gavin Meng (U1000) were awarded engraved chess medals and a chess DVD of their choice. Door prizes (hard-cover chess scorebooks and Pocket magnetic chess sets) were awarded by lottery before every round.

Final Standings:
1st - Abe Glasser
2nd - Dick Shroyer
3rd - Sherman Cunningham
U2000 - David Phelps
U1700 - David Worl
U1300 - Howard Decker
U1000 - Gavin Meng

CCCR 2012 Championship Cross Table

Submitted by Mike Lionti, Chess Editor



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