Thursday, December 24, 2020

Online Chess Lessons available now on our club's Youtube channel

No tournaments to play in?  Worried about your chess getting rusty?  Enjoy four online chess lessons produced by the Community Chess Club of Rochester this past summer.  In the four lessons we have about 8 hours of FREE chess instruction with some of the highest rated instructors in upstate New York.  If you missed the online Zoom meeting when we did these lectures live online, you now can enjoy the recorded lessons on our club's Youtube channel.

Instructors: Lev Paciorkowski, Clif Kharroubi & Ken McBride

Lesson 1: Rook Endgames

Lesson 2: Pawn Structures

Lesson 3: Chess Misconceptions

Lesson 4: Grandmaster Blunders & Bonus: Lev demonstrates the Knight's Tour

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