Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Member Games: Adventures in the Queen's Indian

Today we get to look at a highly instructive game played at one of the Saturday tournaments here in Rochester. It is the encounter Beh - Manning, played on 08 August 2020.

The game started off roughly balanced after white's unusual 7.Bg5!? in the Queen's Indian. Later after the imprecise 13.Qc3?! black was able to use the bishops to open the position and get a good game. However, black proceeded to make two serious positional errors -- 19. ... cxd4? and 25. ... Bxe4?, which led his position from being better, to equal, and then to worse. A few moves later, already in a tough spot, 28. ... f5? was the last straw for black's position and white smoothly converted the advantage from there, using a classic "principle of two weaknesses" approach by attacking black's king while tying up his pieces to the advanced passed c-pawn.

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  1. Thanks, Lev, for your in-depth analysis.
    I like to learn from my mistakes!

    John M