Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Adam DeSantis Memorial Amateur Team Tournament

The Adam DeSantis Memorial Amateur Team Tournament was held at the Rochester Chess Center in Rochester, New York on Sunday, November 3, 2019.

This first Rochester Amateur Team Tournament held in memory of Adam DeSantis (aka "Mr. Chess") was a well-attended event with six four-person teams.  Four rounds were played at G/60 d5 time control.  The Kharroubi Team was unstoppable, and took first place with Clif on the top board, his son Aidan on second board, his daughter Arianna on third board, and Sathya Mandava on fourth board. The top team in the U1400 rating average class was The Nesci Team, with Matt Nesci on the top board, Oliver Valenti on second board, Ryan Beh on third board, and David Lusignan on fourth board. Awards for best performance on each board was as follows: On board one was Peter Craig, followed by a tie with Trevor Cohn (from Buffalo) and TJ Weaver on board two, Dale Janezic on board three, and Henry Swing on board four.  Ronald Lohrman was the TD and Organizer. Thank you to all the participants.  It was great to have out of town players participate!

Here is Adam DeSantis participating in a chess simultaneous event some years ago.
Adam passed away in 2017 and we are happy to have a chess tournament in his memory.

Team 1: Toby Rizzo, TJ Weaver, Dale Janezic, Henry Swing
Team 2: Clif Kharroubi, Aidan Kharroubi, Arianna Kharroubi, Sathya Mandava 
Team 3: Peter Craig, Trevor Cohn, Jim Attaya, Michael McDuffie
Team 4: David Phelps, Mike Lionti, Blaze Veljovski, Grant Glor
Team 5: Matt Nesci, Oliver Valenti, Ryan Beh, David Lusignan 
Team 6: Jamshed Ahmed, David Lain, Wayne Jarvis, Joe Sarratori

Coming Up Next:  Monday Nov. 11, 2019 - Veterans Day Chess Camp at the Rochester Chess Center.  Call 585-442-2430 to register.

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