Thursday, October 26, 2017

2017 Community Chess Club Championship - Rnd4

Defending Club Champion, Chess Master Lev Paciorkowski (2398) drew his game with
 David Phelps (1936) in round 4 setting up a 4-way tie for 1st place going into the final round.

We enter the final round of the Club Championship with a four-way tie:

Lev Paciorkowski
 David Phelps
Randy MacKenzie
Clif Kharroubi

The defending club champion, Lev Paciorkowski, is still in position to repeat.  However, there is also a chance that there might be co-champions this year!  The FINAL round will be next Wednesday night, Nov. 1st.

Tie-breaking in Swiss-System Tournaments:
As stated in the tournament announcement, there will be co-champions only for perfect scores. Since none of the participants have perfect scores, we may be using tie-breaks if there is no clear winner by points.

Rochester Chess Center's Tiebreakers, as of 12/2014 
(subject to change if revised & posted differently at the Chess Center)
The following sequence of tiebreaks will be used for ordering the finish of players who complete the event with the same score:
1) Modified Median - Add up the scores of each player's opponents.  If the tied players have a plus score, their lowest scoring opponents score is discarded; if a minus score, their highest scoring opponent's score is discarded; an even score, both their highest and lowest scoring opponent's scores are discarded.
... remaining ties are then broken by...
2) Solkoff - Add up the scores of each tied player's opponents.
...remaining ties are then broken by...
3) Cumulative - Add up the running score of the tied players for each round.
...remaining ties are then broken by...
4) Cumulative scores of opposition - Add up the cumulative scores of each tied player's opposition.

Before the start of every round, we have been giving out door prize drawings.  Every participant gets to choose one chess book from Doug Spencer's personal chess library and either a floppy score book or hardcover score book.  The chess library was donated to the chess club from Doug's brother David.  We are very thankful to David Spencer for the donation to our chess club.  The books remaining after the door prizes are all given out will be kept as prizes for future club events until all of the books in Doug's library have been distributed.

Doug Spencer passed away on July 31st, 2017, at the age of 63.

Books from Doug Spencer's chess library.

Every book in Doug's chess library has this inside the front cover.

More Tournament News:
CONGRATULATIONS to Lev Paciorkowski who attained his highest USCF ratings so far (2398) with a tie for 1st place in the Centeral NY Open in Syracuse over this past weekend.  Blaze Veljovski also tied for first for a class prize.  Special mention also for Toby Rizzo who took 1st place in the Chess Center's Saturday Open tournament.  Toby's chess rating is now 1671.  

Some photos from the Club Championship:

Dan Burnside (left) won his game with Jim Trowbridge.

Jan Tarwid (left) won his game with Jim Attaya.

David Worl enjoys a good game with his opponent, Howard Decker.

For the FINAL round on Nov. 1st, the chess club will be providing pizza.
The pizza, soft drinks & snacks will arrive at the Chess Center by 6:00pm.

For a great selection of games from this year's club championship,

 Smoke the Pawn

Here's another screen capture from Smoke the Pawn:

 Smoke the Pawn

The Community Chess Club of Rochester (CCCR) would like to thank the following individuals for helping  to make this year's tournament a success. Preparing for a tournament starts months before the event, and runs well when there is a dedicated group of people offering their time and effort for planning and helping out wherever it's needed.
The participants - for helping to make this a great tournament!
Ron Lohrman - 21st year as this event's TD,  creating memorial note in Doug's books
David Spencer - donating chess books in memory of his brother Doug
David Phelps - setting up the display for Doug Spencer's book library
Jim Trowbridge - sharing blog with many tourney games and annotations
Mike Runnells - assistant TD and helping to organize the event, tracking ratings & membeships
Ken McBride - assistant TD and helping to organize the event, assisting with pairings
Mike Lionti - 21st year organizing this event, setting up snacks for every round, TD


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