Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This week's tournaments and activities: Mar. 10-16, 2014

Mar 15th: Saturday Morning Youth Tournament Final Standings:  
1st Place: Jason Niu (trophy winner), Thomas Kwon and Toby Thompson with 4 points each.
2nd Place: Natalie Prezhdo and Dale Janezic with 3 points each.
3rd Place: Michael Niu with 2 points.
4th Place: Vlad Bondar and Sathya Mandava with 1 1/2 points each.
5th Place: Revathi Meka and Ben Reifsteck with 1/2 point each.
6th Place: Evan Peterson. 

Mar. 17th: Monday Night League Round 10 (final round)
Mar. 19th: Wednesday Community Chess Club of Rochester at 7:30pm 
Mar. 22nd: 9th Annual Women's Invitational chess tournament at Rochester Chess Center
Mar. 31st: Spring Chess League at the Rochester Chess Center (Register by 6:30pm)
Apr. 14-18: Spring Break Chess Camp
Call 585-442-2430 for details

Marchand Open Update: 

More information will be coming soon, and will be listed in the previous blog post. About another 50 photos have been uploaded to the Marchand Open photo gallery. Go to the previous blog post for the link to the photo gallery.

The USCF tournament results were submitted Friday night, March 14th. Click here to see it.

The FIDE tournament results for the OPEN section have been submitted. It usually take a few days for the USCF to process them with FIDE. Click here to see it.

A very special thank you to Sam Copeland and Akash Moothedath who have sent me games from the Marchand. Check the previous post containing all the Marchand results to see their games and commentary. Please send me your Marchand 2014 game links if you have some to share.

 Mar. 12th: Snowstorm and State of Emergency in Rochester, NY
No Wednesday CCCR games tonight - The Rochester Chess Center will be closed.

Chess activities will resume Thursday March13th at the Rochester Chess Center

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