Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend Chess Tournament Results: Local, Geneseo, World!

Saturday Afternoon Adult Tournament Final Standings:
1st: Tom Liu with 3 points
2nd: Jeffrey Shi with 2.5 points
U1800: Rich Motroni and Thomas McElmurry with 1.5 points each

Saturday Morning Youth Tournament Final Standings:
1st: Arianna Kharroubi and Erich Snell with 3 points each
3rd: Aidan Kharroubi and Natalie Prezhdo with 1.5 points each
5th: Robert Hong

The 2nd SUNY Geneseo tournament was a great success. There were 3 sections: Open, U1400 and un-rated with a total of 71 players. Details/photos/games will be coming shortly. Results below are incomplete at this time, but will be added shortly. Thanks to James Hiltunen and Nicholas Sortisio for organizing a terrific tournament!

Note: Prizes below are in the form of gift cards.

1st: Peter Carter (1284) 4-0-0 ($125)
2nd: Thomas Brock, Mike Lionti (1356) 3-1-0 ($25), Thomas Brock (Geneseo student) (1131) 3-1-0 ($25) and Micah Wiesner (Geneseo student) 3-1-0 ($25)
U1000: Nathan Saint Ours (874) 3-1-0 ($50)

Peter Carter (right) won the 4th round game and the U1400 Section title against Nathan Saint Ours at the SUNY Geneseo Fall Chess Tournament on Saturday, November 16th, 2013.

1st: Marcus Elia 4.0 ($60)
2nd: Michael Pilosov 3.5 ($50)
3rd-7th (Tie) with 3 points each: Dan Macaluso ($30), Samir Farooq ($30), Nicholas Charles ($30), Joe McMahon ($30) and Uddhi Stowell ($30)
8th (Tie): Kyle Morgan ($7.50) and Gabrielle Kosoy ($7.50)

2013 World Chess Championship: Carlsen winning 4-2

Click the photo to go to the official World Championship web site

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